The Infamous "Galapagos Affair" Is Back

Sonoma, CA (PressExposure) June 09, 2014 -- After 80 Years Out Of Print, A New Edition:

"Satan Came To Eden"
A Survivor's Account of the Notorious 'Galapagos Affair'

Sonoma, California, June 1, 2014 --This truly bizarre series of events, which unfolded between 1929 and 1934 on the remote island of Floreana in the Galapagos, was the stuff of sensationalist headlines when they were first revealed to the western world by returning American yachtsmen. For the first time in 80 years, Troise Publishing makes available this riveting first-person account of idealism, romance, disillusionment, jealousy and murder.

The original memoir, written by survivor Dore Strauch and entitled Satan Came To Eden, was published in 1936, but failed to match the selling power of the lurid stories in the world press. However, the allure of this stranger-than-fiction adventure maintained a life of its own, even as the book fell into obscurity. Generations of researchers, travelers and mystery lovers wrote about it, and exchanged photocopies of the scarce book. In June 2014, a major documentary film entitled "The Galapagos Affair" was released into theaters, making a game effort to unravel this enduring whodunit.

The story is irresistible. In 1929, a young German couple with Nietzschian fantasies of finding paradise on earth abandoned their respective spouses, had their teeth removed, and traveled 7,000 miles to the uninhabited volcanic island of Floreana. When passing American yachtsmen put in there in 1930, they found this eccentric "Adam and Eve" a smashing good story to take home with them. America and Europe were totally captivated by them, and soon a few others were drawn to the island by the same dream of Eden. In 1932 another German couple arrived with a child, and took up residence in a cave; one month later, a more portentous visitor landed there--a pistol-wielding Austrian 'baroness" with her two strapping young German lovers-- and promptly proclaimed herself Empress of Floreana. Inevitably, frictions mounted, and this island with a population of 9 went to war with itself. The Baroness mysteriously disappeared, another colonist died of "food poisoning", and two others were lost to shipwreck after a hasty departure. To this day, readers still comb Satan Came To Eden for clues as to who did what to whom,

This fresh and historically accurate edition introduces a new generation to this stranger-than-fiction memoir. Editor Joseph Troise has added many never before published photographs, as well as an insightful preface.

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