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Marguerite, Al Bahrayn (PressExposure) February 01, 2012 -- The jump manual authored by internationally recognised writer Jacob Hiller is likely to release a new version of the well-known e-book the jump manual. Indications are that this method is going to be rereleased in August 2011. Building on the success of the former jump manual this new revised edition will include much more details about a unique scientific system to assess gains in vertical jump. The new version of the jump manual [] will be all the more relevant to a wider number of sports instructors and individuals.

The core of this scientific method is the use of electromyography to provide a quantifiable way to look at the actual electrical signals generated in an athlete's nervous system. Making use of the EMG, Hiller is able to visualise exactly which areas of the body are involved when a sports athlete is jumping. By using this scientific system of measurement, Jacob Hiller is able to tailor a jump training program that is much more specific to the individual athlete.

Jacob Hiller will update the jump manual based on this additional experiences with training as a Leeds to improve the vertical jump based on EMG data.

For many athletes having a strong jumping ability is a very important metric. For example, in ballgame such as basketball and netball how high an athlete can jump directly impacts on their performance and competitiveness in games.

A lot more information regarding this new way of measuring vertical jump and improving its performance will be available in the upcoming updated version of the jump manual. For those that have subscribed to his personal blog or have already purchased one of his products before they should wait eagerly on their inbox for updates to come through.

Jacob Hiller is a personal trainer that works in both America and also with clients internationally. In the original version of the jump manual was released back in 2008. This information product covered all areas of work out and general health for those wishing to optimise the vertical jump. The jump manual has been quite popular and has even featured on ESPN and in fade away Magazine. The author Jacob Hiller is a professionally trained personal trainer that has been certified by the American Council on exercise.

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