The Kalachuchi Flower For The Dead

Pomona, FL (PressExposure) November 03, 2009 -- Flowers, such as roses, became popular in the market because of its elegance as well as its meaning in traditional events like Valentine's Day. But in the Philippines, less known flowers compared to roses have also been popular in most occasions. One example is the use of the Kalachuchi flowers philippines for funerals.

The kalachuchi, or Plumeria acuminata, is one of the few flowers cultivated around the Philippines. What made the flower popular in many parts of the Philippines is because of its simplicity. The flowers are usually large, 5 to 6 centimeters long. They are white or purplish outside and pale yellow within. Although the flower were mostly introduced to the Philippines from Mexico by the Spaniards, it is now pantropic in distribution, particularly in provincial areas.

The popularity of the flower was mainly because of several superstition involving its use. In popular Filipino culture, the kalachuchi flowers philippines were closely involved with the dead. The kalachuchi flowers were mostly grown as ornamental which are usually offered to the dead. This tradition is usually a sign of respect for the dead as well as for the grieving.

This is also the reason why the flower is also used in the market as secondary decorative for funeral wreaths. However, local superstition says that the kalachuchi tree would usually put strain on the relationships of those living nearby. But other than ornamental, the kalachuchi is also known for its medical uses.

Kalachuchi has a variety of medicinal properties. Its bark, which contains the bitter glucoside plumierid, is used as a purgative, emmenagogue, and febrifuge when in decoction. In Mexico, the calcium salt-containing latex is given for toothache, and when combined with coconut oil is used as a remedy for itching.

Other flowers The Flowers philippines, Sampaguita and Ylang-Ylang, were also popular in certain events. These flowers are usually strung together to make garlands. These garlands are then used as an offering for the saints, in which the garlands are worn in figurines, as well as an air freshener. These flowers are also known for their medical purposes.

It is reported that sampaguita flowers are being applied as a poultice to the breasts of women to act as a lactifuge. The roots present several uses. They may be used to treat venereal diseases when given fresh, while a tincture made from them is reported to be used as sedative, anaesthetic, and vulnerary. The Ylang-Ylang flowers philippines are mainly used for aromatherapy. It is also believed to relieve high blood pressure, normalize sebum secretion for skin problems, and is considered to be an aphrodisiac.

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