The Katch Kan Drilling Fluid Containment Systems

Edmonton, Alberta Canada (PressExposure) February 06, 2012 -- Drilling operations have developed a lot over the years, improving both the safety of crews while protecting our planet. US and Canadian drilling companies recognize the advantages of having a safer working environment and reducing their impact on the land.

The environmentally friendly Katch Kan Drilling Fluid Containment or Zero-Spill™ system leverages effective, patented technologies designed to reduce the impact of oil drilling exploration and production in environmentally sensitive areas in Canada, the United States and else where around the world.

The Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems Program or EFD based in Houston, Texas at the Houston Advanced Research Center suggests on their website that they represent organizations who are leveraging technologies as effective systems to reduce the environmental footprint of oil drilling and related drilling production. Drilling managers and/or superintendents need to be more aware of the societal impact of their decisions, and the EFD aids in that discussion. Further, the EFD acts as an intelligent conduit for identified oil field technologies that aid drilling companies and political policy makers with the ability to further develop US oil reserves in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

The above is why in part, that Katch Kan Ltd, a member of EFD team. We have developed a Zero-Spill™ and Rig Safety System designed to minimize frequent injuries and maintain high environmental standards for our drilling contractor clients. The innovation reduces the environmental impact of oil exploration in part by helping to recycle expensive drilling fluid. A critical part of that drilling fluid containment system is the 27-lb Kelly Kan is lightweight and easy to use. The device works perfectly to direct the drilling mud downward past our Splash Guard™ below the drilling rig rotary table and into the Upper Katch Kan.

The Katch Kan Rig Safety (RSS) and Zero Spill System are suitable for any rig and any working environment. It can be installed on to any oilrig by hand and without tools in almost all cases. The rig does not require any structural change to fix the system. Hence cost savings are made with the new innovation. Head to our website to see how the system contains the release of drilling fluids in and around the drilling rig floor when making and breaking pipe connections while protecting the rig workers.

About Katch Kan ltd.

At Katch Kan Ltd, our goal is to improve efficiency and promote operational sustainability within your drilling operations. Katch Kan Ltd has always been an environmentally conscious and safety focused company. Our owner Quinn Holtby has been recognized as a world-leading inventor in this area. He has been designing and manufacturing oil field related products since 1994 in order to reduce hazards in the oil field. A past oil field worker and rig hand himself, Mr. Holtby understands first hand the need to improve the environmental and safety performance of your upstream oil and gas company.

To that end, Katch Kan works with leading oil companies, drilling companies and others in the upstream oil and gas industry. We have clients in Northern Alberta, Central Alberta, and Southern Alberta, the rest of Canada, and also currently operate in 58 other countries around the world.

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