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3724 Ashwood Drive Essex, Florida (PressExposure) April 16, 2009 -- Other than the meaning behind every wedding ring, marrying couples should also take into consideration the kind of wedding ring they'll be wearing. Unlike other jewelry, wedding rings are the kind of jewelry worn everyday, except maybe on instances where wedding rings are prohibited such as in medical exams, MRI exams, or on events that could cause damages to wedding rings. The importance of choosing the kind of material used to make wedding rings is reflected on how long would it last. Wedding rings are symbols of the relationship shared by two people, which is why the materials used for wedding rings are those that can last for as long as the relationship lasts. So which kind of wedding ring would it be?

Because of the growing industry pertaining to wedding rings, the availability of a wider selection of wedding rings is now apparent in every jewelry store and online jewelry shops. Common materials used in modern wedding rings are as follows:

* Yellow alloy - Yellow alloy such as gold has long been used as material for wedding rings. Its long lasting luster and tough compound makes it one of the perfect materials used for wedding rings as it conveys a sense of permanence in a relationship. When it comes to prices, gold has also been one of the most expensive kinds of jewelry. The price of a single piece of gold wedding ring may range from $200 USD to as much as $800 USD, depending on the design and the jewelry shop.

* Platinum - Platinum is also one of the many types of materials used for wedding rings that got its popularity for its simplicity in color, mirror-like shine, and toughness (highly resistant to corrosion). Its price range can range more than that of gold wedding rings from $200 USD to as much as $2000 USD.

* White Gold - White gold, a popular substitute for platinum, has been one of the most popular kinds of wedding ring because of its price. Compared to platinum, white gold is much cheaper with its price ranging from as low as $100 USD to $800. However, like platinum, it has the same white luster popular with the women.

Other than yellow alloy, platinum, and white gold, other wedding rings such as tungsten wedding bands have been newly introduced to the market. Tungsten and titanium, having the same tough properties, made the material popular as wedding rings. Tungsten alone is enough to make tungsten wedding bands, but adding carbon alloy into the mixture makes the material more resistant to scratches with a more mirror-like shine through its lustrous black hue. Another great thing about tungsten wedding bands is the cost. Tungsten wedding rings may cost around $100 USD to $1000 USD, depending on the designs and other materials used in it.

Remember that wedding rings symbolize the very thing that every marrying couple has. So it has to be tough enough to survive every ordeal faced much like what every relationship will have to face.

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