The Major Difference between Features and Benefits

Telford, PA (PressExposure) July 30, 2009 -- When writing marketing message in you print ads such as brochures and just produce a flat copy, do not expect that you will have an excited audience. It just will not sell to your target clients.

So what is flat copy? A flat copy is content when you are printing brochures for example that does not much tell your target clients of what they can get from your products and services.

What is in it for me? That is the perennial question that every client and prospect ask whenever he or she read a marketing ad such as your brochure printing. It is not what you have that is important. Rather, it is what you can give that provides the benefits for your target clients.

It is the benefits over features. What can they have with the features you are trying to convey when printing brochures for your marketing campaign? Being effective means tweaking your content in such a way that you enhance and emphasize on your benefits instead of the features of your products and services. It is turning an otherwise lifeless copy of your features and turning them into a powerful list of benefits that sells like hotcakes to your clients and prospects. Identifying your target clients' needs and wants is a good way to start your copy - and make your target clients want to act on your call rather than throw out your brochure printing.

The difference between the two is that features are often the qualities of your product or service that you are trying to sell to your customers. It is the number of miles per gallon that your car can have. It is the frame of your kid's bike that is made from steel alloy. On the other hand, it can be a software program that has this amount of available space for database systems.

Benefits on the other hand, talk about the value of your features to your target clients. They are the 'what's in the product' that would help your target clients have a solution to a need or a want or a better life in general.

Remember that it is okay for you to mention the features of your products and services. Nevertheless, it is much better is to turn those features into benefits and let them talk about your value and worth. The benefits can help you turn an ordinary and blah feature into a fact that your target clients would much prefer to hear about.

The key then is to illustrate and emphasize your value through words that have the benefits to your target audience. It is therefore crucial that you know the market you are targeting to be able to come up with the benefits that they would go for. It is about identifying the needs and wants of your target clients so you will be able to offer what is important to them.

When you are able to show your target clients the benefits that you can give to answer their needs and wants, you are most likely to get them to buy your product and services in a moment.

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