The Manthan Award South Asia 2008 Found to be Fraud

Delhi, India (PressExposure) October 21, 2008 -- Inviting different business people and business representatives across the continent for a big and showy award function was finally turned up for its shallowness which was fully fraught with dramatic turns. The Manthan Award south Asia 2008 organizers blindfolded the guests and covered the facts. The awards which were announced on the dais, in fact were previously declared by the sponsors and they pretended as if they were announcing them on the spot in front of the thousands of honored invitees making them fools.

In the name of social philanthropy, the Manthan award organizers are cheating the people. They received 284 nominations from different countries across the south Asia and announced 33 winners. If it has gone transparently, no one would bother about it. But, there was a lot of drama behind the screen. The awards were shared among the recipients well in advance by the sponsors. All this had happened within two hours of time in a dramatic manner. The loss of genuineness in declaring the awards was crystal clear.

The tinsel award function of the Manthan had been proved as a mere bluff. The valuable time and money of the company representatives, who had been there, were gone vain. The child's play of Manthan awards had wasted their efforts. Why they unnecessarily call the people from various companies for such meaningless award programs and why cheating them. In stead, it would be better for them to put off such stupid activities, so that companies can at least save their valuable time.

Cheating the people, in the name of social services, is really objectionable. It is because of ignorance of the people, such organizations are often involving in deceitful acts like this. This unpleasant incident sends the signs of warning to the society.

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