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Baltimore, MD (PressExposure) October 30, 2009 -- Investment newsletters provide you with the best of the market advice by the successful and established economists. Be it the downturn that market is facing nowadays or be it the usual ups and downs market, is known to provide the best of the advices one could get. No doubt that beginner tends to fall into some wrong hands when they just enter the world of stock market. But when you have Shortex and its advices around you should not fear to venture into stock trading; has been known to take people to heights.

Stock market is all about forecasting and intelligent foresightedness. And if you are really good at that, you have an upper hand above all the other investors existing in the market( or trying to survive). Working over years, Shortex has in its hands the great deal of knowledge and experience that one ought to have in order to forecast the changing weather of the market. The very perfect timing of a single happening can change your future in the market. Not only that, Shortex provides you with all kinds of suggestions that you want, be it a suggestion related to a long term investment or short term. And what makes these advices so fruitful is that these are the advices which are not only firm and actionable, but also great amount of researches have been done over them.

Over the years Shortex has written its name in the pages of history, and has achieved the very image of an unprecedented newsletter for investors.. It has shown people that it is one of the kinds that exists in the market and forecasts the same for excellent stock trade. Whether you are dealing with bear or bull market, Shortex offers the best strategies of both the worlds to you! The best thing about Shortex is that we provide investors the current parameters set by the market. Indicators are updated every week that one can find in the Update section based on the initial indicators set by the latest Shortex positions found in the Indicators section.

With the ‘7 long and 7 short recommendations’ of Shortex one can avail complete information and analysis that one needs to keep self updated to stay tuned in the market. Whatever may be the environement in the market with Shortex one can analyze it the best. The accurate forecasting of Shortex is what people swear by! One can rely on forecastings, market timing strategies, proven advice of buy and sell, long and short term recommendations. The advices of Shortex are confident, actionable and well researched.

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Shortex issues 14 selections, and these are contemplated very carefully. These are composed of seven long positions and seven short positions.. One thing about Shortex that differentiates it from the rest of the companies is that it does not just sum up the returns to the average, but it matches the performance to the price that is recommended.

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