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Birmingham, AL (PressExposure) June 23, 2011 -- One of Canada's most reputed online stores introduces a gamut of contemporary fireplaces and fireplace accessories as an acknowledgment of the tremendous popularity of the modern fireplace. Mankind's chequered liaison with fire has resulted in the advent of several radical devices that have revolutionised the concept of living. From the stove to the fireplace, fire has been exploited not just to elevate the quality of living but also to lend a novel scope to predetermined notions of convenience and comfort. One of the most powerful illustrations of man's ability to tap the potential of this formidable element is the modern fireplace. The modern fireplace is considered more than just a frivolous dimension in the decor. The aesthetic and functional credentials of contemporary interiors are now influenced by the presence of the modern fireplace. Thus, apart from being an accessory to comfortable living, the modern fireplace retains an extraordinary penchant for transforming and elevating home decor to an unprecedented level.

There are several advantages of incorporating a Modern Fireplaces into the layout of the contemporary home. Primarily, the modern fireplace is the citadel of comfort during the harsh winter days when the pace of the falling snow is only matched by the plummeting of the mercury. In such a scenario, the modern fireplace becomes the 'comfort hub' of the home towards which members of the family are liable to be attracted. Families gathered around a warm fire partaking in the pristine pleasure of retelling old anecdotes while a tray filed with steaming mugs of hot chocolate circulate between eager hands is an image that is a quintessentially classic occurrence during the frigid months. It would be thus fair to assume that the modern fireplace is a catalyst in fostering family bonding and kinship.

Another prominent advantage of the modern fireplace is its inherent capacity to manipulate the nuances of home decor. The modern fireplace is great for putting the final touches to decor while lending it a well rounded tone and feel. Moreover, the overwhelming aesthetic appeal of the modern fireplace allows it to function as an exceptionally viable focal point that engages tremendous visual interest. Many contemporary decorators prefer to let the modern fireplace dictate the pace of the decor and often employ it as the antecedent to a fully functional home. As a matter of fact, basing the home decorating strategy upon the functional and aesthetic finesse of the modern fireplace simplifies this challenging task.

There are several elements that form the concept of a functional fireplace. Paying keen attention to the aspects of each of these elements is critical if the decorator's aim is to institute a Modern Electric Fireplace that is not just functional but practical in gauging the needs presented by the complexities of the home. One of the most crucial components of a modern fireplace is the hearth. Hearths can come in many different styles. They can be installed on the floor or can even be raised or sunk into the floor. It would be a great idea to place hearth seats which can be used for seating on either side of a firebox. This designing strategy would work great in a home that is accustomed to family gatherings on a frequent basis. The firebox is yet another noteworthy element of a typical modern fireplace. The fireboxes are equally abundant in the styles that they are available in. The specifications of the firebox essentially vary in sync with the hearth and the floor. Fireboxes come in flush and dropped versions. The opening of the modern fireplace is its most visually prominent element. Usually this is a rectangular opening that heralds the actual fireplace. Depending on the style of the home, one can opt for different types of arches for the fireplace.

Modern fireplaces are in stark contrast to their traditional predecessors. Whereas traditional fireplaces employed the use of wood as the primary source of energy, the modern fireplace banks upon the utilisation of resourceful fuels like gas, electricity and gel. Thus, the modern fireplace is delightfully devoid of the smoke, ash and soot that were the staple of traditional fireplaces. Moreover, the use of these modern fuels also enables one to be relatively better assured in terms of safety considerations. is a dominant presence in the arena of online shopping destinations that are committed to customer satisfaction and deal in superior quality products. Other than being enormously user friendly, the site is dedicated towards the display of a vast variety of modern fireplaces and fireplace accessories. The modern fireplaces displayed on this comprehensive site are an attempt to cater to customers who have varying notions of style and comfort. Shipping is undertaken to multiple destinations in Canada and the United States and is completely free if the order exceeds the amount of $250.

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