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Burbank, CA (PressExposure) February 18, 2009 -- Everyone knows someone that either needs some type of surgery or has had surgery in the past. Choosing the best option, and the best doctor, is of utmost importance. Patients are becoming more and more aware of available information on the internet before they go into surgery for whatever ails them – even before they meet with their doctor. However, they are often not made knowledgeable about new cutting edge techniques that may be available to them which will aid in their recovery after surgery, or they may simply not understand them. The senior producer of the program stated, “Surgery is not simply about choosing the best doctor for the job.

It is also about choosing the best procedure in order to sustain a short recovery time and improve the quality of life for patients. Older practices and techniques are being updated, revised and even removed from the surgical scene in order to bring in new innovations in various types of surgery to help both doctors (in ease of surgery) and patients (in easier recovery) with these new procedures.” Dr. Joseph Zuckerman, President of the AAOS, said, “I consider being an orthopedic surgeon to be an honor and a privilege…in a time when physicians and health care face significant challenges there is one common thread that has not changed. Each and every day we provide care for patients in an effort to make them better. As orthopedic surgeons we can have a profound impact on our patients' quality of life; that is something we should always focus on.”

Advancements in surgery of all kinds help promote the quality of life for patients both from the perspective of saving lives, down to the quality of recovery and life after surgery. In a new innovative laser surgery for brain aneurysms Dr. Fady Charbel stated, “…the surgery is not new, it's the ability to do it using this laser that make it safer. So the beauty of this is we're able to perform the bypass, the same surgery we normally do, except there is no interruption of blood flow to the brain," Charbel said. Dr. Charbel says he is confident this procedure will soon become mainstream, and help thousands of brain aneurysm patients. WLS TV news commented on Dr. Charbel’s works saying, “Hundreds of these surgeries have been done in Europe, but only a handful in the United States. Because this is still an experimental procedure, it took more than a year for the FDA to even approve it. But Dr. Charbel says, once the procedure becomes mainstream, more than 1,000 patients in the US will benefit from it every year.” Highlighting innovative surgical techniques that are coming to the forefront of the medical industry, and the desire to improve the patient’s quality of life, are key aspects to this new series. The series will cover all types of surgical procedures from orthopedic, to neurosurgery, to the robotic surgery of “the future” that surgeons are using today.

The “Cutting Edge” was developed to explore the latest trends, innovations and new technology in surgical innovations. The series will also be featuring a variety of practices, hospitals and organizations highlighting their efforts in developing technology, implementing new practices and educating in all areas of surgical procedure.

About National Medical Report:

The National Medical Report is a series that is, above all else, about information - information on the very latest topics about the medical industry. It features the practical solutions and the important issues today facing consumers and professionals in medical and health related industries. The National Medical Report is a major source of information for consumers and the industry alike, because it not only maintains network quality production, but also provides the latest information that consumers and professionals need and trust.

The National Medical Report is part of a privately owned and operated television production company and series that is on the leading edge of documentary television industry. The series is distributed to Public TV across the country and is hosted by Mr. Hugh Downs. For more information visit []

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About National Medical Report

National Medical Report is part of a privately owned and operated television production company and series that is on the leading edge of documentary television industry.

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