The New Version of EMS SQL Manager for Oracle Released

New York, NY (PressExposure) December 17, 2008 -- We are pleased to announce the new version of SQL Manager for Oracle - a high performance tool for Oracle database server administration and development.

You can download EMS SQL Manager for Oracle from the following link:

What's new in SQL Manager 2008 for Oracle 2.2?

Added Create Database Wizard with the ability to create a Standby database. DDL. Unicode support is implemented. Using macro is now possible in SQL Editor and SQL Script. Added the possibility to connect to databases absent in TNS file. Query Builder. Added the 'ANSI join' option that allows users to create queries in ANSI-92 SQL standard.

DB Explorer. The Find Object dialog is improved. The possibility to reorder database groups by drag-and-drop is implemented. The button for switching the search mode is added to the toolbar. Double-clicking the object group folds or unfolds it. Database Registration Info dialog. Metadata and SQL Editor logs can now be saved in UNICODE or ANSI.

SQL Editor. Fixed several errors concerning SQL code highlighting (alias usage in queries such as 'UPDATE : SET :'; when using multiline comments, etc.). When saving data to file using any charset different from Unicode, further opening of the save dialogue would set the charset to Unicode. Fixed now. SQL Editor -> Explain query. The scrollbar was absent. Fixed now.

Data Grid. The mouse cursor color changes when the grid is not active. The method of work in the asynchronous mode is changed - the usage of a separate connection for each Data Grid makes it possible to perform simultaneous fetching without losing the ability to use other functions of the program. Data Grid. Data | Blob View. Added the XML tab allowing you to view BLOB field values as XML. Extract Database/ Export as SQL Script. Now the script is directly generated in the selected charset which reduces the script generation time. Extracting external cursor data resulted in the ORA-00900 error. Fixed now. Extract Database/ Export. The ORA-00900 error occurred when extracting queries with a subquery block. Fixed now.

Visual Database Designer. Tables are arranged more compactly in the reverse engineering mode. Alignment options didn't work if a diagram was opened from the file. Fixed now. Some printers couldn't print field and table icons. Fixed now. Window List. The 'Close All Database Windows' command is implemented. Dependency Tree. Pressing the Cancel button gave no result. Fixed now.

Other small improvements and bug-fixes.

We hope you'll enjoy working with our products!

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