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Fairfield, Connecticut (PressExposure) November 04, 2009 -- Are you one among the many who lack necessary nutrients? Then, you need to know about the website which is a one stop guide on whole food supplements and other allied information related to nutrition supplements. Know more about the website here… is a website which provides information on a variety of whole food supplements and related information on whole food supplements. The website has laid emphasis on the fact that the standard American diet does not include the necessary nutrients which would keep the body healthy and nor does the synthetic diet supplements which are merely chemical compounds without real nutrients. The actual nutrients are completely lacking in most commercial vitamins, are synthetic and unable to be utilized by the body.

Shaklee whole food products are offered by the Nutrition nurse and this particular form of nutritional supplement is prepared in a completely different manner. The application of added heat during the preparation of this supplement is minimal, chemical solvents are never used during the extraction process, and hence the nutrients are preserved. The actual food value is completely lost when a high amount of heat is applied to a particular food supplement or when solvents are used during extraction. Nutrition nurse provides supplements which are high on nutrients and would always keep up the level of nutrition value.

Nutrition nurse has highlighted nutritional vitamin supplements which are very necessary for the body. The vitamins present in whole food supplements keeps the nutrition level of the body to an optimum level and natural whole food supplements contain the highest amount of vitamins in a form the body recognizes as food. The nutrition nurse has focused on mineral nutritional supplements which would be instrumental in preventing many deficiency diseases. Deficiency diseases occur due to the absence of a particular nutrient. This website has emphasized on Shaklee whole food supplements which have been manufactured with the sole ambition of providing complete nutrition to the body.

The nutrition nurse provides information on a particular supplement called Vivix anti aging supplement which is high in anti oxidants. This solution has been prepared with the sole objective of being a complete anti aging supplement. This supplement is completely directed towards stopping the pre-mature and early aging process. The aging process is slowed down by the addition of various types of anti oxidants which help in preventing the oxidative break down of the body in any particular way.

Sports supplements are also offered as they are important for maximizing the total performance capacity of the body. Performance maximum endurance is a supplement which is manufactured by Shaklee and along with it there is another body electrolyte which is manufactured by Shaklee. Both are sports energy supplements which would enhance the performance level of sportsmen. The entire website can be considered to be a guide on health supplements and their compositions. This guide has the sole objective of fulfilling all the queries on whole food supplements. A detailed list of information on Shaklee products has been provided by The Nutrition Nurse. So, don’t wait just visit the website and get all the information.

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