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Hampshire, (PressExposure) July 02, 2009 -- With National Orgasm Day just round the corner, many women are wondering exactly how they can prolong those enjoyable moments of ecstasy for that little bit longer. Now thanks to The ‘O’ Coach Dr Lisa Turner’s new Living Orgasmically workshop, women across the country can not only learn how to experience more intense orgasms, but begin to live from this place of bliss and joy every moment of the day.

In her final guest blog for popular adult shopping site Love Honey, Dr Turner explains that far from being a smutty sex lesson, Orgasm Coaching is about enabling people to experience more bliss in their everyday lives as well as in their bodies.

“Most people, even without realising it, live from a place of pain. They make emotional decisions based on fear, or yearning. They will seek more "stuff" - material things like cars, houses, clothes and of course, sex. But all too often they are seeking to fulfill a deeper need. It might be a need for love, acceptance, connectedness, acknowledgement, or just to feel OK about themselves more often. Orgasm Coaching is so popular because it offers all this and more,” explains Dr Turner.

During Dr Turner’s workshops, attendees learn how to put down their emotional baggage, using some highly sophisticated techniques that enable them to let go of negative emotions, without having to sit around doing a load of navel gazing. Attendees also remove the blocks to their sexuality, sexual pleasure or sexual energy and this might be damaging beliefs like "I'm not worthy" or "I'm not attractive". Later stages involve raising their sexual energy through physical movement, similar to yoga or Chi Gong, as well as other things like breathing techniques and learning to move energy around the body. Finally, they learn the art of sex magic, “which isn't really magic at all, but it does increase personal presence, charisma and inner resourcefulness”, says Turner.

But what’s the outcome you may ask? “Well, first of all everyone experiences a new sense of lightness once they have released their emotions. They feel more confident, empowered and centered. Many report a sense of bliss or joy that permeates their whole lives,” says Dr Turner.

Typically, women attending her workshop, including those who have never been able to achieve orgasm before, reconnect with their sexuality and become both sexually empowered and confident. Once the blocks have been removed and they give themselves permission to surrender to pleasure, orgasm becomes natural, inevitable and intense. Once they give themselves permission to open up as a sexual being they become electrically alluring. “They begin to have an air of mystique and intrigue about them. People wonder "What is it about her?", says Dr Turner.

Men find themselves able to open up emotionally in a way that is appropriate and both powerful and empowering for others, says Dr Turner, making them more magnetic and approachable. Others instinctively feel safe with men who are emotionally open, whereas people often feel that those whose emotions are closed are a bit creepy or lecherous. Dr Turner says this is an energetic response to energy stuck in the pelvic region and connecting at an emotional level rather than a lustful one is much more likely to attract women.

“Living Orgasmically is about so much more than just a great sex-life. It's about having a great life and just being happy in your own skin,” says Dr Turner.

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About The Orgasm Coach

Dr Lisa Turner in the UK’s first Orgasm coach and has a personal mission to assist people to become empowered, free and successful to help them evolve. Her approach is based on years of research into the latest scientific, psychological and spiritual thinking on what it means to be human in the 21st century.

Sexual energy is the most potent on the planet, but most people squander it or fail to harness it fully. Lisa works predominantly with women, specialising in enabling them to experience the excruciating pleasure of a full body orgasm AND then harness the energy they generate.

Many of her clients have been abused in the past and much of the coaching involves releasing the emotional damage so that the client can return into their body. For many this feels like a coming home. Lisa is the only Orgasm Coach to combine therapy, physical instruction and tantric principles to heal and restore balance on all levels of a persons being.

She previously worked as a senior lecturer in Automotive Engineering, designing driver information systems primarily for preventing accidents, such as the collision avoidance system now on Jaguar cars. Lisa also holds a PhD in Aero-acoustics and Mechanical Engineering.

Lisa has studied the mind for over 15 years and is she a certified trainer of NLP, NLPCoaching, Creating Your Future Coaching Techniques, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis. She is also a student of many esoteric schools including Tantra, the Kabala, Shamanism, Reiki and Huna.

Lisa has explored the science behind spiritual and energetic phenomena, found a lot of facts to back it up, and revealed a lot of nonsense practiced in the field. Lisa is often quoted as saying “this is not the ‘truth', it's just a model, you believe what you want to believe” and “I don't tell you to believe anything except your own experience” and approaches the field of healing the mind from an intellectual perspective.

Lisa is a charismatic public speaker and no stranger to the media. She has appeared on local radio and her articles have been featured in a wide range of press including Kindred Spirit, Marie Claire, Psychologies, Metro, and the Mail on Sunday and many others.

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About The O Coach

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