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Dallas, TX (PressExposure) June 29, 2009 -- Flowers are considered as some of the most useful kinds of plants around the world. It can be used as decorations, as a gift, or even as tea and food. There are many kinds of species of flowers too. There are those that grows on specific conditions and climate as well as flowers that grows from anywhere in the world, even at your own backyard. But there are flowers that are unique in a country or continent. Some of those flowers are found in the Philippines. Being a tropical country, sports some of the most unique collections of flowers Philippines. Though some of these flowers are not as grand, elegant, and popular as other flowers such as roses or tulips, these flowers are considered to be native to Philippine soil, and some are even considered as the Philippine's national flower. These flowers Philippines include:

Ylang-Ylang Its name “ylang-ylang” originates from the Tagalog word for “rare,” as this flower possesses a fragrant scent unlike any other. It is a small flower of the cananga tree known for its highly fragrant essential oil. Though it is a native of the Philippines, the Ylang-Ylang flower is also native to other Asian countries such as Indonesia and is commonly grown in Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia.

Sampaguita The Philippine's national flower, the sampaguita is known as a native to Asia. Other popular terms are Arabian Jasmine, Mogra (Hindi and Marathi), Mallika- (Sanskrit), Kampupot, Melati (Malay and Indonesian Language), Mallepuvvu (Telugu), Mallikaipu (Tamil), Mallige (Kannada) and Kaliyan (Urdu). Besides the Philippines, it is also the national flower of Indonesia.

Waling-Waling The waling-waling is a rare epiphytic orchid endemic to the island of Mindanao, particularly in the foothills of Mount Apo in Davao, Cotabato, and Surigao. Hailed as the “Queen of Philippine Orchids,” the waling-waling is considered by many as the country's best orchid variety due to its many stunning colorful hybrids.

Gumamela It is a species of flowering plant found in cultivation throughout the Philippines. Aside from ornamentation, gumamela is being used by some locals as alternative medicine. The gumamela is one of the most popular flowers Philippines, especially for the children. Way back, gumamela flowers are used as a way to produce bubble rather than the use of soaps and shampoos.

Santan Another popular flower for the Children, the santan flower is the familiar garden shrub adorned with little red flowers borne in cymes. The species originally came from India, but has since been cultivated in the Philippines. Children collect the little santan flowers and create necklaces with them.

Dama De Noche Dama de Noche (literally "lady of the night") is famous for its unusual biorhythm which made it the subject of legend. Its flowers bloom at night and exude a very sweet scent. Although widely cultivated in the Philippines, the plant was introduced from tropical America.

Everlasting Flower Also known as paper daisy or straw flower, the everlasting is a famous bloom associated with Baguio City. Strings of these flowers are sold in the markets and streets of the summer capital. And due to its longevity, it is also a favorite of devotees who adorn their altars with these blooms.

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