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Kent, United Kingdom (PressExposure) November 13, 2009 -- We can begin to connect with our personal power once we start to love and respect ourselves. We deserve to be happy and content in our lives so it is important to believe that we are worthy of this. Research shows that individuals are always putting themselves down and many turn to drugs. This is in order to release themselves from negative thoughts and high pressured lifestyles.

A medical doctor in New York helped drug addicts to overcome their addicitions, he started by putting them into a trance and then teaching their bodies to create a reaction to the drug. When they mastered this technique , they were able to get 'high' naturally. This made them realise that their body was now making them feel good and the drugs were an excuse. So it now becomes a lot easier to wean themselves of their chemical dependency.

This is how it works. Any drug that is taken creates a neuro-chemical response in the body. This response puts you on a 'high' it is not the way the drug makes you feel it is what your body does in response to the drug that gives you the feeling of 'high'. The outcome of this research is interesting you are able to create 'happiness on demand' that is the process through which you can teach the mind and get the body to create the chemicals inside that lead to good feelings.

So positive thinking and training the brain are very useful components. We are able to control our lives and create our future. We can build our self-esteem ,we just need to start somewhere. In order to master our emotions we will need to begin by understanding what they are and how they operate. Our emotions are the way we feel at any given time. You may have experienced them as anger,fear and depression. You may have experienced a more positive state such as confidence,joy,optimism and determination. All human behaviour is the result of 'state'.

Everybodycan overcome their limiting beliefs and there is a way forward. It is useful to read uplifting an motivating books as well relaxing and meditating.

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