The Pre-Press Checklist for Notepad Printing

East Arlington, TX (PressExposure) July 19, 2009 -- Before finally sending the designs to the notepad printer, you must first go through a pre-press checklist on notepad printing. This checklist will check if the outputs you would be coming up with are free of errors.

You do not want your errors to be duplicated hundreds of times in your custom notepads. Since you will be using them as stationeries and for official work, it is important to have everything correct and spotless as you produce them.

In this article, we are going to share with you a simple seven step pre-press checklist for notepad printing. This is a standard checklist, which you can use. Still, it is possible to modify this for your own purposes if you want.

1. Are your letterheads correct? - The first stop on the checklist is your notepad letterheads. Do the letterheads have the correct information? Does it have the proper names, titles and other information that you want? If there are numbers and other contact information in them, are those numbers current or up to date? Are the letterhead images ok? Just check your whole letterhead and check if everything there is correct and in order.

2. Do your header footer designs match? - Next, from letterhead or header, we go to the footer. If you have footer, does it compliment the header correctly? Does it match the design theme of the letterhead? If there is information in the footer are you sure the information in it is correct as well? Try to check the information in the footer, so that both header and footer look great together and have the proper information between them.

3. Is your watermark appropriate? - Also, try to check if the watermark is appropriate. Does it match the theme for the notepad design? Is it light enough so that people can write on the notepad easily? Are there design elements that may hamper people for writing in the notepad? It is important to check all of these since notepad watermarks can indeed be disastrous to custom notepads if they are not designed and printed well. Therefore, it is a standard practice to review watermarks before printing.

4. Are all word spellings right? - Of course, do not forget to proof read every single line of text you have throughout the notepad design. You must always strive to be perfect with the printing even at spelling. Perfect spelling is a mark of a professional notepad, so make sure you have that reputation as well.

5. Do your printing specifications match your preferences? - Also check your printing specifications if what the printers have are the choices that you want for your notepads. You must have decisions for the paper stocks, the paper coating, ink coating and binding. Of course, if you have other more special specifications you must take note of that as well. Review all that you want and confirm them with your printer.

6. Is the size of the notepad correct? - Next, try to check if the size or dimensions of your notepad is exactly what you want. Try to look at a similarly sized notepad so you can determine if it is indeed the size you want.

7. Is the printing quotation all accounted for? - Finally, try to check if all the costs in the printing quotations are all accounted for. See how much the printing fees cost, the papers stocks, special jobs, taxes and delivery all cost. It is important that you know what you will be actually paying for just in case the printers let slip something that you do not want.

So that my friend is the standard pre-press checklist for notepad printing. Check your notepad designs, and notepad job order with this list and you will produce better looking and correct notepads as fast as possible.

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