The Pride Go Chair Is An Excellent Full-Sized Power Wheelchair That Performs At The Highest Levels

Hudson, FL (PressExposure) February 24, 2011 -- Top Mobility, leaders of scooter and mobility devices, proudly announces the Pride Go Chair. This chair comes with a lightweight frame that makes it perfect to travel with. Disassembly is made easy as it breaks down into four easy-to-manage pieces, the heaviest of those pieces being 30 pounds. It can fit in several vehicles so users don't have to spend extra money on scooter lifts. Lifts can often be expensive and cause road dangers. The Pride Go Chair comes equipped with twin motors for both traction and ease of handling. These features are important to help users gain control of the scooter regardless of where they are. There are several scooters with a single motor that must compensate for the function of the rest of the scooter. This is not the best way to handle a scooter because scooters have several components that must be accounted for that one motor simply will not do.

The Pride Go Chair also comes with an easy-to-remove battery pack. This helps users easily remove the pack before transporting or recharging. "The battery pack should be easy to remove in the first place. It's not fair to users that have to strain and pull to pull out the battery pack. There's nothing more annoying - or dangerous," says Richard Foldoe, President of Top Mobility. Battery packs can often be hard to get to or dangerous to remove depending on where it is located. The pack is located in a very convenient location that allows users easy access to it any time they need it without removing parts or using complicated tools to do it. The battery weight is 20 pounds, several pounds lighter than batteries for large-sized scooters.

On a fully charged battery, the Pride Go Chair can go as fast as 3.5 miles per hour up to 10 miles. This ensures that the users will have plenty of time to get back to a location where they can charge their batteries. Users will have full confidence that their scooter will stretch the full 10 miles on one battery.

Comfort also becomes a key piece when it comes to buying a scooter or power chair. The foldable compact lightweight seat is one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture that one can experience. It's important to be able to sit in something that can exhibit comfort because no one knows exactly how long the scooter will be used.

The Pride Go Chair, for a heavy duty power chair, has a turning radius of 22.5 inches, the lowest turn radius of its kind. Users can use this scooter indoors or outdoors, making it convenient for users to navigate around any surface that is important to them. A tighter turn radius ensures that users don't have to go through the motions of driving forward, then going in reverse and repeating that process.

Two colors are available for the Pride Go Chair, red and blue. The astonishing finish allows it to maintain its look after several uses regardless of how much exposure to the elements it comes in contact with.

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Top Mobility provides scooters and other mobility equipment to individuals and health care facilities. They are also leading sellers in mobility accessories such as chair lifts, accessibility ramps, and walking aids.

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