The Release of the Book: "Tears of Love - I Am Not A Criminal"

Victoria, Canada (PressExposure) November 14, 2008 -- For the past millenniums, generations engendered generations, ancient civilizations transformed onto modern civilizations, legacies of past centuries enrich the unfolding history of common eras, global wars generated cold wars, tribal segregations have caused genocides and ethnic cleansings, past holocausts and mass executions have shattered the fragile conscience of humankind. Intercontinental slavery wiped out uncountable numbers of human lives of almost an entire continent; civil wars produced racial segregations and apartheid. These mind-shocking events in humankind's existence led the world onto most disturbing historical eras, and, consequently, resulting into various socio-economic, political, religious and spiritual challenging crises at the very commencement of this twenty first century. Has humanity learned its lessons?

Part one (1) of the book historically conceived, unveils chronological narrations of real life events, experienced by the author himself. Numerous characteristics of the author's surviving personality described throughout these magical journeys of self-discoveries. Part two (2) of the book, humanitarian and political novel; defines paths of new legacies and insightful visions within present societies, globally approached. Analysis of strategic research studies, mainly focused on human rights critical crises, conflicts preventive measures, and proposed practical remedies and solutions, elevate "Tears of Love - I am not a criminal" to one of its kind ever written novel. Lastly, Part three (3); chronologically composed of classical poem selection exquisitely achieved with genuine inspiration, the author realistically contemplates global vision of the past, present and future, achieving one of the most spiritual awakening campaign of all times.

At final, the purpose of "Tears of Love" mainly is to recreate insightful vision in the heart, mind and soul of potential readers, throughout trilogic conceptualization between imaginations, materialization and concretization. Consequently, "Tears of Love" contains inspirational powers to elevate minds upwards-higher consciousness dimension on divinity, philosophy, spirituality and humanitarian levels.

You are delightfully and cheerfully invited to share such life transforming experience altogether with the author in this best selling novel "Tears of Love - I am not a Criminal".

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