The Roman TimeTable by Simon Young

Melbourne, Australia (PressExposure) July 07, 2011 -- "Our current method of time keeping, which derives from the ancient Roman system, has lost many of the original features that made it so successful.

The Roman system took into account the solar and lunar cycles and the seasons, something we rarely do in our modern lifestyles.

This engaging and entertaining work is both a manual and historical reference which shows you how to incorporate the Roman timetable into your daily life, increasing your energy and efficiency.

The book contains full colour reproductions of paintings depicting the ancient Roman world, as well as photographs of sculptures, frescoes and architecture of the era.

Find out how the Romans managed their time and had fun, while they conquered the world."

Author's note:

"Over the past several years I have been conducting research into Roman society, specifically the Roman daily timetable: their method of dividing the day into activity specific periods and seasonal festivals or 'rest periods' based on solar and lunar cycles.

I have discovered intriguing correlations between the Roman timetable and human Circadian rhythms such as the best times to concentrate or take exercise. Based on my research, I have written a short and accessible personal development book which describes how people can incorporate elements of the Roman timetable into their daily lives to encourage high personal productivity, well-being and a healthy balance between work and leisure. The style of the writing is direct and not overly academic. The book is referenced and contains a section which details yearly festivals, origins and the activities connected to each festival.

I imagine this book would be of interest to those who wish to successfully structure their day to make it more productive, mostly for those who have flexible timetables. This book would also be of great interest to those who are curious about Roman civilisation, culture and festivals.

The website for the book is: []"

Author's biography:

Simon Young was born in South Australia in the 1970s. He completed an Honours degree in Classical Archaeology at the University of Adelaide and has since travelled extensively in the Roman world, most notably through Spain and Turkey. In Turkey he explored and studied the wonderful ruins of Graeco-Roman cities on the southern coast and in Spain visited the remains of the Western Empire. Simon currently lives in Melbourne, Australia.


Roman Timetable is best enjoyed on the iPad and is available from iTunes bookstore and Kindle for $8.99 USD.

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The Roman Timetable

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