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Kansas City, Missouri (PressExposure) March 26, 2011 -- Early in 2010, a few guys sat at a dining room table discussing their ideas. They had just been at a dance party where two of the guys were DJing. They all loved electronic dance music, but wanted more than what the typical club/rave scene had to offer. Out of this, Heaven Sound was launched, a Christian Dance Music entity based out of Kansas City. The main focus (both for the events and music) is positive dance culture, which means all the fun and energy, minus the negatives normally associated with the scene (drugs, alcohol, sex appeal, etc.).

In 2010, they held three dance parties. The first, called The Pulse happened in April. Shortly after this event Daniel Dodd, the owner of Heaven Sound, understood even more the need for what they were doing and started Heaven Sound as a full-time company. They had another event in May called Frequency. It became clear that people were interested in the music and what Heaven Sound stood for, so Daniel started planning for a larger event in August, Eternal, in which they hosted Andy Hunter, international DJ and producer from the UK. The event was fully funded by individual partners and corporate sponsors. It was a huge success. Daniel decided that they should continue doing positive dance culture parties, and in the months following Eternal, he started pursuing some other ventures for the company as well.

After last year's success, they are at it again! Heaven Sound will be doing two dance parties this year. Frequency and Eternal will both be happening again. Frequency will be held on May 19, 2011 from 8pm-midnight. This event will be done as a fundraiser. Admission will be free, but all donations will be accepted to go towards the costs for Eternal. Before the dance party, there will be a fundraiser dinner from 6pm-7:30pm. This dinner will also help the costs for Eternal. The event will include dinner, silent auctions and some giveaways. Those that attend the dinner will directly be sponsoring Frequency and Eternal, and helping to promote positive dance culture. The main event for this year will be Eternal again, to be held on August 13, 2011. Andy Hunter will be out again from the UK. There will also be some other DJs and producers out, and they hope to have a few surprises for everyone as well!

The main reason for doing these events has become more evident as time has progressed. The rave/club scene is raging, with drug overdoses, some even ending in death. Women are being seen as sex objects, and perversity and immorality are rampant. It is not a pretty sight for the youth and young adults in our nation and the nations of the world. Heaven Sound wants to be the exact opposite of that, throwing parties in a safe environment with clean music, where every life is valued. It is their belief that the culture can be changed to where going to dance parties is actually a positive experience, leaving you energized and refreshed.

For the last few months, they have also been working on a digital download store for positive dance culture music. The store is expected to launch at the beginning of April 2011 with a wide selection of original mixes and remixes from DJs and producers all over the world. They are collaborating with some top-notch labels to find quality music to sell in their digital download store. Their desire is that the Heaven Sound store would be a main hub for Christian dance music and all things positive dance culture.

There is an open invitation for anyone who is interested in learning more about Christian dance music and positive dance culture. Please feel free to check out the Heaven Sound website to read more about who they are and what they are doing at Also, they are currently accepting individual partnerships and corporate sponsorships for Eternal. And, of course, you are welcome to attend any of their upcoming events this year!

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