The Super Locker 2.0 Hydroponic Grow Box Produces 2 Pounds Every Month In Your Closet

Manila, Philippines (PressExposure) March 04, 2011 -- The Super Locker 2.0 has finally reached the market! This great grow box shows a large chamber that is embedded with a highly developed hydroponic automatic system, which miraculously grows any seeds you want.

Unexpectedly, this machine is very affordable, bringing the incredible combination of new technologies of aeroponics, bubble and top feed inside your home. The Super Locker 2.0 is ready to perform a series of tasks such as cloning, mothering, vegetating and drying the foods in its chambers. This grow closet is divided into two distinct parts, the top and bottom chambers that show an air filtered system with HPS bulbs of 150W.

It also presents a separate tube valve that allows you to easily drain the water and properly clean the closet grow. Being an improved version of the already popular device, Super Locker, it presents more space, which actually means greater efficiency. In addition, the HPS lighting comes on a pulley system that allows you to easily adjust it in any positions you want. The Super Locker 2.0 is actually a proven technique of growing plants, which shows much better results when compared to the traditional methods.

Super Locker 2.0 Features and Characteristics

First, you should know that the purchase of this closet grow brings you along the necessary nutrients for a year. In addition, similar to other grow boxes, it presents some incredible features, such as:

• Automated superponics system that grows any plants you wish with the help of the optimal combination of aeroponics, bubble, deep water culture and top feed;
• Carbon air filter for odor free environment;
• Veggie chambers which can be adjusted as per various requirements;
• Super cloner system that successfully clones the plants; this system is powered by two lights of 4100 k, creating a perfect growing environment for seedling, cloning, mothering and vegetating;
• Adjustable trellis that provides the right support for your plants until they are fully grown;
• Reflective panels for anti-mold accumulations and optimal light dissemination;
• Internal fan that increases air circulation for a proper ventilation in all areas, including the corners;
• Optional CO2 system that increases the efficiency by about 30%;

In addition, this grow box comes along with a 3 year guarantee, lifetime service and a free DVD, which explains everything you have to know about growing plants inside this machine. By using this device, you can easily grow the plants that you want, the guaranteeing outstanding results.

If you are a beginner, it is even better because the Super Locker 2.0 was especially developed to help newbies to start growing plants. In addition, the system ensures a continual cycle, which never ends. However, prior to investing your money in this grow closet, you should also know some important things about the vegetation and flowering chambers.

The vegetation chamber provides the appropriate space for the seedling system, delivering the clones and mother plants. The chamber is embedded with a fluorescent bulb that ensures a cool white light, which perfectly propagates between plants to germinate and clone them. It is very compact and amazingly efficient, being just perfect for the first plants' stages.

The flowering chamber presents a space that is appropriate for about eight plants. It utilizes the superponics system, which comes with a reservoir that contains nutrient based water. The chamber ensures a proper illuminating system that is cooled by the interior fan. This system allows plants to get the appropriate amount of light, no matter of their growing stages. Now, by using the amazing Super Locker 2.0, you can easily start growing organic plants, vegetables and herbs and live a much healthier life.

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