The Technology of Fiber - Optics is Explained at a Workshop for Small Business Owners

Cumberland, Rhode Island (PressExposure) April 26, 2009 -- Perhaps you’ve seen gorgeous framed artwork that lights up and gives the appearance of motion, like in a waterfall scene. Maybe you’ve admired a beautiful light or figurine that gives off bright, colorful light, like a Christmas tree with light at the tips of its branches, or a bird with multi-colored lights on its feather-tips. This is known as fiber optic artwork. The technology of fiber-optics is much more than artwork and decoration. “Fiber optics is a fascinating subject that comes up when people are discussing telephones, cable TV or computers,” explained Jack Keystone, of Net Cables Plus, an online store specializing in all types of cables, connectors, adaptors and more. Jack Keystone recently attended a networking workshop for small business owners, where he set up a vendor table to display his products and explain how business owners and consumers can easily shop online and purchase what they need for their home or office video/audio and computer equipment. People who attended the event were most fascinated by fiber-optics, asking many questions as to how it works and its benefits over copper and other cable types. Jack explained, “fiber optics, or optical fibers, are long, thin strands of pure glass, as thin as human hair. They are arranged in bundles called optical cables which are used to transmit light signals or digital information over long distances. Each optical fiber is made up of a core, cladding and buffer coating. The core is the thin glass center where the light travels; the cladding is the outer mirrored material that reflects the light back into the core, and the buffer coating is the outer material that protects the fiber from moisture and damage.” Jack explained the many benefits of fiber optics, including cost effectiveness, speed and clarity of signals, safety, flexibility and much more. Jack said, “the technology of fiber-optics has revolutionized telephones, computers, cable TV, digital cameras, medical equipment and much more. Fiber optics is used in medical and mechanical imaging as well as in the telecommunications and computer industry. Net Cables Plus ( an online store that carries a wide variety of cables and accessories. Choose from among a large selection of Ethernet, USB, fiber optic, or any type of cables and connectors your business requires. Net Cables Plus handles any size order from the single, 1-foot cable to a truckload of bulk cable. Contact: NetCablesPlus, Inc. PO Box 7815 Cumberland, Rhode Island 02864 Phone: 401-475-6040 Fax: 401-475-6041 email: This press release was submitted by Right Now Marketing Group, LLC

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