The Three Phases That Your Postcard Design Must Go Through

Los Angeles, CA (PressExposure) May 17, 2008 -- As you grow in the business, your ads must grow with you. You should not get stuck with your old postcard design. You must show to people, especially your competitors that you are reaching a higher level. And you can show this fact by sending out various designs of ads.

The Evolution of Your Postcard Design No, this will not recount historical facts about postcards. You may already have your own ideas about that. You will not try your hand on this tool if you didn't know that it was effective.

But yes, the design must evolve through time. You cannot keep on using the same cards over and over again. You'll only be wasting your money that way. People will get tired of your cards. They will not even look at those. Such type of cards will go directly to the trash.

There are three phases that your cards must go through.

1. Introduction This is the first way to go about it. You contact the right printing company to process your postcards. You avail of a mailing list and send your cards to them. Because they don't know you and you know little about them as well, this is your way to introduce your business to them.

On this phase, your postcards must have all the information about you. You must include every bit of your contact details like your physical address, email and web page address and contact numbers.

You must be descriptive in what you are selling. You should still follow the basic courtesy in the print medium, the no hard selling omen. But you have to be convincing. Now it's up to you and your strategies how are you going to pull this off.

2. Follow up It's said that it's more expensive to keep luring new clients than retaining the old ones. The old ones have already made the purchase. If you have given them the proper service and quality materials, they will definitely think of coming back.

If they are taking too long, that's when you must apply the magic of postcards. Check up on them. Offer them new promotions. Give them good deals.

Let these clients remember you all the time that they need the type of service that you offer. Because they already know you and familiar with your products, you can lessen the details. You no longer have to introduce yourself again with such clients. You just have to make them remember.

3. Retention You must exert extra efforts to make sure that your clients feel appreciated. This way, they will not think about other companies but you. They will not be easily lured with big time gimmicks that are being done by your rivals.

You can educate your clients through your postcards. Give them important information that will be useful to them. And in a way, they will feel like you are sharing something that is vital to you. And in the process, they will also appreciate you.

Your postcard design must never be dormant. Suit it according to the type of clients that you will be sending your cards out to. Let the design grow with you.

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