The Time Of The Rapid Deployment Framework - A Start Of A Revolution

Centurion, Gauteng South Africa (PressExposure) April 14, 2011 -- Skillpod Media has embarked on a journey to attempt bringing all of this together and offering revenue generating opportunities at the same time. To ensure that it is a sensible option it should be possible to deploy the platform in record time and make it compatible to any audience in the world. This means that it should be fully localized and allow for translation into all of the global languages.

This is where you will then find the Rapid Deployment Framework (RDF).

The development and deployment of this is an ongoing process and this is due to the developers constantly striving for perfection. The need arose to set up a framework which makes it possible to fully customize the layout of the site, do translations, build a community, monetize it and integrate the games platform into Facebook.

RDF is a solution in its infancy, with 9 months of R & D put into it to make it a success. So far it has been deployed in a couple of markets with more coming. We will continually look at how the development as well as deployment progresses. Currently it is a fully functioning framework already and is proving very successful.

The concept is sound and should, for many companies, come as close to an out-of-the-box solution as possible. The effectiveness of the elements incorporated in the platform can only be gauged after it has been in the market for an extended period of time.

The elements to keep a close eye on are:
* Localization and translation
* Facebook integration
* Community building elements
* Monetization, through micro payments

To date there have only been success stories with RDF when looking at the above mentioned elements. Let's first have a look at localization and translation. We will be looking at two of the clients that have so far integrated the RDF to run their games portals.

The first was a more standard version deployed in Belgium and the Netherlands. For this deployment it had to be translated into both French and Dutch. The translations were done through all of the games with the translated text in every single part of every single game as well as game descriptions and all the other parts of the website.

The second was a more complicated version that had to be done in Arabic. Although widely spoken throughout the Middle East, there wasn't a lot of technical know-how available when it came to localization and accurate translation. The translations were done successfully with the Arabic text displayed correctly as well as appropriate Arabic clothing for the SkillPod avatar creation system, called Pivatar.

Both of these have also been integrated into Facebook and are proving to be very successful. Player registrations are constantly growing and players continually play the games.

There are a number of community building elements integrated into RDF. The only feature you will really find in some other platforms is a chat system. Portals owners will be able to set up tournaments for players to fuel the competitive spirit of the players. Players can also set up challenges to compete against friends that also play on the site. A messaging system allows for player interaction and also comes with virtual gifts that players can send to one another.

The revenue generating comes from micro-payments, which will be used to buy pods, the virtual currency of this online games platform. You will be able to use the pods to buy better clothes and accessories for your pivatar, enter tournaments, buy power-ups, sending virtual gifts and for setting up challenges.

To what extent these will all be used can only be gauged over time. Because it is a constantly evolving concept it would be interesting to see in what direction the players and portals take it. The next couple of months will bring loads of extra players and a couple of new portals up and running on RDF. Now we can only wait and see how successful it will become.

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The Rapid Deployment Framework is an initiative by Skillpod Media to make their online games platform a more complete solution to portals globally.

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