The Truth About Tucson Auto Glass

Tucson, Arizona (PressExposure) December 24, 2009 -- An OEM windshield just means your vehicle's auto glass has been manufactured from the original equipment manufacturer which meets the manufacturer specifications for vehicle safety and quality, protecting you, in case of an accident.

As amazing as it sounds, a vehicle's windshield can vouch for at least 60 percent of the roof support during rollover accidents. Your auto glass is also responsible for supporting your passenger side airbag in front end collisions. You could almost say they're essential if an OEM Tucson windshield can absorb a 200 mph impact from a passenger side airbag.

Whats more important... a cheap windshield or your safety?

Every day people have cheap Tucson auto glass installed in their vehicles unknowingly jepordizing they're passenger's safety. If DOT only requires 80 percent windshield retention in frontal barrier crash tests, and OEM auto glass standards require 100 percent, which one would you rather have in front of you during an accident? Is it worth chancing the lives of your passengers to that other 20 percent?

OEM Auto Glass Last longer

Not only does OEM auto glass ensure your safety, their parts and installation hardware are much more tolerent and thicker than after market products. This helps to reduce water leaks, wind noise, improper setting, and visual distortion. When installing your new tucson windshield, be sure to have your Tucson auto glass technician use OEM auto glass parts, not aftermarket auto glass parts, unless you want to void your OEM auto glass warranty.

Here is a list of OEM auto glass manufacturers that your Tucson auto glass shop may use:

* Guardian * Carlite * Pittsburg Plate Glass (PPG) * Safeguard/Mopar * Ford * Pilkington * Triplex * AP Tech * Asahi * Sekurit * Scanex * Sicursiv * Crinamex

These are recommended questions to ask your Tucson auto glass shop you may be considering for your Tucson auto glass repair or windshield replacement:

1. Do you use OEM auto glass, adhesives, and parts? 2. Are your auto glass technicians certified? 3. How long will the repair or replacement take? 4. How soon can you schedule my vehicle? 5. Is there a warranty on your Tucson auto glass shop's parts and workmanship?

It's not a bad idea to check with your insurance company in Tucson to see which Tucson auto glass shops provide OEM auto glass, adhesives, and parts. Most of the major insurance companies in Tucson will have a list of Tucson auto glass shops to select from. Just do your homework first because you could be sent to an auto glass shop of their choice for "cost saving reasons and they may not have OEM auto glass parts. If your insurance is floating the bill, don't you deserve the best?

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Auto Glass Replacement Tucson is a locally-owned and operated Tucson auto glass service that specializes in auto glass repair and auto glass replacement in Tucson, Arizona. When quality counts... contact us to repair or replace your windshield in Tucson.

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