The USMLE Examination Is The Biggest Stumbling Block For Wanna-Be Docs

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The USMLE examination is the biggest stumbling block and the hardest one for anyone who wants to be a doctor. The USMLE will steamroller you, and merely passing it will just get you chucked into the garbage bin of medical history, you need a top score. It is better to flunk the USMLE exam than to manage a low pass, because a low pass permanently marks you as un-trainable. The best USMLE software that you can find on the market is probably at . If you had a choice between a top rank in the USMLE and an olympic gold, pick by all means the top rank in USMLE. The shortage of residency training positions plus the sheer cost associated with applying for a position has created a level of competition that is incredible to behold.

And remember, you are competing with talent all over the world, you are competing with the best graduates from hundreds of medical schools all over North America and the whole world. There is a tremendous amount of medical knowledge that you have to master to compete in the USMLE, and the trick is to know what exactly to learn, because time is limited and you are only a mortal, not a supercomputer that can chew up terabytes of information. The foundation of preparing for the USMLE consists of the NMS series of books, which have stood the test of time as one of the best resources ever created for USMLE. Everything in life takes hard work, time and energy, nothing important comes easy. The USMLE exam takes a long time to prepare for, even though the exam itself is only a few hours; give yourself a year to get ready, sometimes even more. Because the purpose of the whole thing is to be at the top of the USMLE world.

The number of books and software on the market is so huge that it is very hard for someone to decide which one of these are really worth the money. What really matters is how much of the prep material that you read is really retained in your mind. To make a long story short, I got tremendously lucky, I bought all my study materials off ebay ! There was only one item that I actually bought, that was the softwares from [] . I thought it was rather irreverant that they have named the website that provides thousands of USMLE software downloads as I guess software guys can be a bit odd, my husband is one of them !.

I know many intelligent people who have ruined their medical career forever by passing USMLE with a low score, instead of the top score that it needs. I know a doctor who now works in a junior position in a lab, drawing blood samples, and I know a doctor from Eastern Europe who works in a factory. After being rejected several times from various residency programs he has pretty much given up. My advise to all doctors is, if your find the USMLE exam difficult, file a cancellation request, and then re-take the exam after an year of solid preparation.

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