The Ultimate Contagion (Viral Conundrum)

Brandon, Florida (PressExposure) May 08, 2015 -- After the Ebola outbreak debacle, the next sequential decade virus contagion in the 21st Century is due in 2024.

Scientists, researchers, politicians, media practitioners and the public are wondering about what the cause of the next contagious pandemic could be.

Hence, a science fiction novel titled The Ultimate Contagion (Viral Conundrum) has been published in paperback and eBook formats to put a spotlight on the current reactionary mode of all stakeholders involved in the prevention and management of contagious diseases.

Sometime in the future, inside the inner sanctum of a Coptic church, a clergyman relates the cataclysmic vision of a future contagion to his colleagues.

It was Independence Day celebration in Munawaka, South America's youngest country that seceded from Panama after a bitter civil war that was led by the rag tag Andes-Amerindian tribesmen whose DNA ancestry was recently traced to a newly discovered ancient South American race.

While the citizenry were in jubilant mood, some gangsters began to implement their get-rich-quick scheme which started to unravel as soon as they hatched the first phase of their evil plan.

Munawaka's precarious political and societal set-up implodes into chaos when an unscrupulous businessman ventures into producing vaccines from 3D bio-printers.

Then, a triad contagion ensues when the businessman's maverick plan did not pan out as he had expected.

A ripple effect occurs when countries neighboring Munawaka also experienced turmoil in their financial markets, neighborhood lock-downs and death of some people affected by a new type of virus.

Although 3D bio-printing is about to become a versatile industrial tool as mankind maintains an upward trajectory in its evolutionary pathway, the unfathomable threat of this technology to human existence on plant earth indicates that the procedure requires strict scrutiny and regulation.

Would 3D bio-printers cause the next contagion in the coming decades?

About the Author: Akintunde M Lawal has authored many books including,
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