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It used to be that golfers would ask someone they just met if he or she played golf. If the answer was, “Yes”, then they would ask if he or she was a member at a private country club. If the answer was, “Yes”, then they would ask, “Which one?”

Being a member of a plush private country club was once the “ultimate destination” for the successful man or woman. A LONG TIME AGO!

Not anymore! “Now they are just one of over two million golfers!” says Pete Baumann, President of RECIPROCAL GOLF.

In 2003, Baumann, a private country club member, and former Head Golf Professional, walked into his club’s pro shop and asked his head pro to call another private club and get him permission to play a reciprocal round at the other club.

“Do you know what my pro said to me?” asks Baumann. “He said, “Pete, do I look like I have time to make a phone call?”

That, says Baumann, was the day I decided to bring reciprocal play by members of private country clubs into the 21st Century!

Baumann’s RECIPROCAL GOLF, is a 24/7, toll-free service that gives members of private country clubs 24-hour access to play rounds of golf at the (approximate) 1,800 private country clubs that reciprocate with other private clubs, when the “proper procedures and protocol” are followed.

“Members of private country clubs are entitled to play other private clubs, under an unwritten law that has existed for 100 years”, says Baumann. “Unfortunately, that requires the cooperation of their head pro, and about 90% of the time the pro is not able (or willing) to drop what he is doing, look up a phone number, and make a phone call.”

“For that matter, most private country club members can’t even get their own head pro on the phone when the member is traveling. So private country club members, all 2,300,000 of them, have to play public courses when they travel, instead of playing a nearby private club, often for less than it costs to play the better public courses!”

“There are presently 2,300,000 members of private country clubs in the United States. We have limited our Reciprocal Golf membership to 600 members of private country clubs since February of 2003.”

“Now who do you think are the prestigious few?” asks Baumann.

RECIPROCAL GOLF has offered its very unique and valuable service to 600 members of private country clubs since 2003, at only $385 per year in dues per member.

“That’s about one dollar per day for the most unique golf service in the history of the game! says Baumann.

When asked if the private country club industry, or the PGA of America, objected to his company’s services, Baumann answered, “Just the opposite! We follow the same procedures and protocol the industry has followed for 100 when getting our members onto other private clubs. We’re just twenty times more efficient at it!”

“In fact”, adds Baumann, “many (smart) head professionals at private clubs have referred their traveling members to our office. It takes the pressure off the head pro who finds his time more free to take care of club business, instead of having to drop what he is doing to make a phone call for a member!”

When asked if public golfers could join RECIPROCAL GOLF, Baumann said, “No.”

Then he added, “A public golfer does not have to spend $100,000 or more to join a private club. If they will contact our office, we can set them up with a membership in one of the three private country clubs with which we are affiliated, for very little expense. These are public golfers who don’t want to spend a small fortune just to play their one private club. We service golfers who would like to be able to travel and play many private clubs, for pleasure or to help their businesses advance by making contact with other successful business owners.”

Baumann says he is presently tripling his personnel, upgrading his website, to include the very latest in internet technology, and increasing his membership limit to 2,500 members. He also says that the annual dues for each (new) member will increase after August 1, 2009.

“Current members will never have their annual dues increased for as long as they remain a member, says Baumann. “That will also apply to new members after August 1, although their annual dues will be higher than the present $385.”

“I’m excited about the upgrades we are making to our website,” says Baumann, a “+2” Handicap. “In addition to technological advances, we will be adding swing tips, and personal lessons for all members, at no additional charge. I’m disappointed to see so many club pros (teaching pros) making the golf swing sound so difficult! In reality, the golf swing is less than ten (10%) percent as tough as some pros make it seem! When teaching, I use three thoughts, and practice exercises, that will improve each member’s swing, and handicap, by more than 50%!”

So, private country club members, if you want to be able to play other private country club courses simply by dialing a toll-free number, 24/7, get hold of Pete Baumann at contact ( @ ) reciprocalgolf dot com and sign up today dot You can then brag that you are one of a maximum of 2,500, instead of one in 2 dot 3 million!

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