The Utility Warehouse Makes It Easier To Succeed In Their Business Opportunity.

Hailsham, United Kingdom (PressExposure) March 01, 2012 -- For those of us that have been Utility Warehouse distributors for some time will know that building the business can be both rewarding and in most cases a lot of fun. The original joining fee of £199.75 has been put under promotion many times over the years. Reduced to £100 just last year increased the number of distributors signing up at an alarming rate.

Distributors that took this promotion under their wings saw a massive increase in their business and its long term potential. However there are some downfalls to making entrance to this wonderful opportunity, one obvious one is that he less people have to spend the less likely they are going to be incentivised to getting their money back. The company has always offered a quick route to retrieving new recruits entry fees, but they have been out of reach to the majority of folk that have to go through the signing up learning curve.

Things have recently changed that are sure to send distributor recruitment through the roof. Not only has the Utility Warehouse kept the price of joining at £100 but they have bought the threshold of to retrieve your joining fee down from signing 12 customers in 90 days to just 3 customers in 90 days. This move alone would have seen the promotion of 4500+ distributors overnight to Qualified Distributor status allowing them to earn customer value commissions. With this increase in QD's in your team you would have seen your own status rise through the ranks, especially those currently seeking team leader status.

If the above was not a great incentive to get into the business on its own then you will just relish in what I am about to announce next. The Utility Warehouse is giving away share options that are currently worth £7500 to distributors that gather 2 customers a month for January through to May. A thousand shares will be awarded to those that manage to make the cut. You need to continue to gather that amount through the next 3 years to keep the shares but once they are released for you to sell at recent and forecasted growth they could be worth in excess of £50,000. If the growth of te company continues as it has since the start then you could see your shares being worth £350,000 10 years down the line if you where to keep hold of them.

So let us look again what is on offer for the home entrepreneur. A small joining fee of £100 that is re-fundable after just gathering 3 customers. Complete, comprehensive training ongoing throughout your business development and earning potential, a chance to build a business that you can call your own, work the hours you want too, giving you the freedom to do what you want with life.

The Utility Warehouse has been giving people the opportunity to build a substantial home based business since 1997. Many people have gone on to build substantial residual incomes that well out perform the earning potential of high pay grade regular jobs. The incentives that the company continue to offer its distributors are second to none and the beauty of the whole thing is that anyone can do it.

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