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Brooklyn, NY (PressExposure) August 11, 2008 -- When you think of building your own fireplace, you think of thousands of dollars worth of materials and thousands of dollars worth of labor. Bricks, wood, demolition, cups of coffee and everything else it takes to install one add up to one incredible sum at the end. But, you'll be enjoying a cozy fire when you are finished.

The interesting thing is that's not the only way to have one installed. You can do it yourself and you don't have to knock out any walls to get ventilation. You don't have to go by someone else's blueprints. You can actually have fun with it if you don't mind a little bit of work and have a spirit of creativity.

Building a corner fireplace can be as easy as putting up a fence and you can have it finished in a day. Find the corner where you want it installed. Build a wood frame. Then, get creative.

You can finish with paper mache, stucco, wood or brick veneer. Whatever matches the room or would fit in the corner is perfect for a finish. I've seen drywall compound used to make the fireplace seem to blend into the walls. I've seen brick veneer used to make it even more domineering. It's your design and you should have as much fun with it as possible.

Once you've finished the structure, place your fireplace insert inside and light your Sunjel. It literally comes to life in a matter of minutes. But, you don't have to knock out walls for vents and you don't need to spend months building brick or stone structures that extend through the roof. You should be able to see the possibilities by now.

If you want it to take up the entire wall of the family room in the basement or your den upstairs, build the hearth with wood and make it extend the length of the wall. Then, build the structure that is going to house your insert and extend to the ceiling. Cover in sandstone or rustic ledge with flat stone pieces that a little mortar practice won't hurt. You're in business in only one weekend.

If you want one in the wall, find a safe place where there are no studs or structural beams. Knock a hole in the wall and get started. Build a structure to hold your insert and finish off your design with inflammable protective tiles that have the look of brick, stone or really any pattern that fits your fancy.

You can make any fireplace you really want. Pay attention to what you see in catalogs. Pay attention to what you see on home improvement shows. Of course, you can just come up with your own ideas. But if you decide you want to build one on your own, you might as well make it even more worth your while.

The VGF Community is having a contest for the best DIY. That means that if you submit digital photos via email to VGF, you will have been entered in the VGF Contest that ends the last day of August 2008. So, get planning. Start your project and take great photos. The VGF Community will do the voting. Visit VGF or any of its internet properties for further details.

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