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San Fransisco, California (PressExposure) January 11, 2007 -- Custom essay writing service ProfEssays continues to expand the content of its site. Now it plans to post recommendations on writing classification essays and exemplify them with a number of fresh sample essays. It is an unusual kind of essays and therefore these essays frequently pose a difficulty for many students. In a classification essay, a writer is required to organize or sort things into categories.

The classification essay devides supporting details into three or more groups with each group containing its own identifying characteristics. For this reason, classification essays are based on description and example as supporting details, description providing the means for identifying characteristic features and examples illustrating the members of each class. There are three elements to a classification essay: the set of things being classified, the scheme or principle of selection for classifying the set, and the classes into which the set is divided.

Set: Any set, which is to be classified, must be united by a common characteristic or be able to be distinguished from things outside the set. Biology classifies living organisms (non-living materials are not included in the set). Students, hobbies, vacation spots, or other generic nouns can serve as a set to be classified.

Scheme: A scheme is the quality, type, standard, or function by which the elements of the set are sorted into classes, that is, the principle of selection for forming the groups. Biologists classify living organisms analyzing life processes and qualities. In order for a classification scheme to be effective, it must be a important, significant, relevant, or valuable way to understand the set of things under consideration. Classes: In general, when writing about each class, start with an explanation of the descriptor, the characteristic which identifies the members of one class and differ the members of that class from the members of another class. Then add representative examples of the class. Often, a discussion of the class also includes an evaluation of the significance of this class or a comparison or contrast of this class to other classes within the scheme. Biologists frequently refer to the ways in which specimen of a class are differentiated from members of other classes. For these reasons, modes, which are employed as methods within classification often, include description, definition, narration, definition, example, and comparison or contrast.

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