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Singapore, Singapore (PressExposure) June 25, 2011 -- Warren Buffett's Investment System Has Earned Him Billions With Virtually No Risk, Using Time Proven Techniques To Filter Through Thousands Of Businesses, Ensuring That He Only Invests In The Most Bullet-Proof, "Sure-Win", Rock Bottom Bargain Stocks In The Market! -

Warren Buffett is widely recognized for his brilliance in investing and the resultant fortunes that he gained from it. He is consistently ranked as one of the world's richest men, and even today steers his investment firm, Berkshire Hathaway to greater financial heights. On the average, his investments have gained an average of 20.2 percent per annum for 46 consecutive years, in spite of the numerous recessions and market crashes.

Some speculate that this is the result of his highly-refined secure investment methodology. This methodology involves selecting relatively low-risk stocks rather than risky high-return investments. One way to summarize this investment philosophy is "to buy stocks from companies that make major annual profits while not racking up debts". On another scale, as granted by the large capital from an investment firm, one could buy the actual companies and not just their stocks.

This investment style has been emulated and has proven effective and has made millionaires of a few people. One such person is Eddie Lampert, with an estimated worth of over 3.6 billion US dollars. Eddie Lampert has continually studied Buffett's investment choices and techniques, and has himself gained returns of 29% per annum. He is quoted as "putting himself [Lampert] in his [Buffett's] shoes" as part of the learning process.

Another investor who has made it big thanks to the system Warren Buffett Books [] uses is Mohnish Pabrai. Continuous analysis and observations drawn from Buffett's system has allowed Pabrai to become a major investor as well. His hedge fund - Pabrai Funds - even uses the same fee structure as early partnerships that Buffett set up. Pabrai also made news when he bid an astonishing $650,100 for a lunch with Warren Buffett, which could be a sign of respect, admiration, and recognition for Buffett.

In this light, it is easy to see why the common person would want the same business sense possessed by Warren Buffett. Many books have been written on the subject of investing, but few actually use Buffett's style as a model. One such book, which was just recently released on the market, is "The Warren Buffett Investing System" by Robert Terry Tay.

The book is a result of Tay's hard work and extensive analysis of not just Buffett's business strategies but even his life story, where it was relevant. The resulting tome is a veritable resource containing all the elements one can apply in smart investing, as taken from Buffett's style and investing behavior.

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Some of the points covered in this book are how to pick the same type of companies that Buffett does, as well as what sorts of stocks to avoid at all costs, criteria for buying stocks, and how to diversify the portfolio while retaining the same focus. Another important portion of "The Warren Buffett Investing System" covers the prices that one should expect to buy and sell stocks for.

Overall, the book looks poised to revolutionize at least a few people's investment policies. Only time will tell whether a new Warren Buffett quasi-protégée is about to make the big time.

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