The Who and the What That is Light

Westhampton, Massachusetts (PressExposure) July 29, 2009 -- The world is not as it appears. The far-out, the impossible, even the foolish can be more real and more true than all the logical, measurable, empirically-based beliefs our culture holds in such reverence.

The work being done on light in theology, philosophy, physics, medicine, and near-death experiences is directing us to a revolutionary breakthrough in terms of a new model - a new approach to reality. Progress in all of these areas of human curiosity is being driven by brilliant and original insights into the very nature of the foundational stuff of the universe - Light - an elusive, pervasive, something and a Someone!

The new approach to reality sees the Mind-Body-Spirit connection as an essential insight if we are to even begin to comprehend the inner and outer world the "within" and the "without", the "inner" and "outer" lights that together reveal to us what exists - what is truly real!

At the heart of the physical world is matter, the exterior, physical structure, the "without" of things. But before the simple corpuscles that formed original matter, there was at the very bottom what Teilhard de Chardin terms "an unresolved simplicity, luminous in nature" (light) "and not to be defined in terms of figures." So Light is the ultimate something of the "without" of things. Matter is crumpled light.

But the "outer" light, the "without" of things is, according to Arthur Zajonc and Teilhard de Chardin, dependent on an "inner" light, a "within" of things which has existed since the beginning of time with the term "within" taken in its widest sense, that is, every kind of psychism from the most rudimentary to human reflective thought.

The Earth as part of a much larger Universe has developed by a process called evolution pioneered by the theories of Charles Darwin who saw no purpose or direction in evolution.

But Teilhard de Chardin states unequivocally that evolution is directed, it has a purpose, it is going somewhere. To him, evolution is simply the ascent to consciousness which is marked by the continued growth (complexification) of psychic energy (the "inner" light or "within") over time. This development of the "inner" and "within" light is connected to and profoundly influenced by the growth (complexification) of the physical, the "without" and "outer" light, especially by the complexity of the brain and nervous system in humans, who Teilhard asserts are "the arrow pointing the way to the final unification of the world in terms of life." (Phenomenon of Man P. 224)

The purpose or fulfillment of evolution will be in some type of supreme consciousness which Teilhard calls Omega, God, The Supreme Being of Light who is a trinity of persons: Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

Fleury tackles an elusive subject in a practical step by step way, providing an historical background, past and current research for each aspect of the Light theme : scriptural, scientific, medical, etc. Called into Life by the Light (AuthorHouse 2009) is meant for young adults to senior citizens - anyone who has ever wondered about his/her personal experience of light and the increasingly central place light had and has in the collective experience of humankind.

About Bernard J. Fleury

Professor Emeritus, Bernard J. Fleury (B.A. History and Classical Language, Ed. D. Philosophy and Ed. Administration), after forty years of study and lived experience subscribes to the “new” approach to reality which sees the Mind-Body-Spirit connection along with faith and reason, (theology and science), as two connected essential insights if we are to even begin to comprehend the inner and outer worlds which together reveal to us what exists – what is truly real.

If you have ever wondered about your own personal experience of light and would like to understand it better, you may order a copy of Called into Life by the Light (Print, E-Book, Audio Book), from Fleury’s website
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