The Wizardry Of A Home Based Business And Slavery of The Modern Day Job

Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada (PressExposure) May 04, 2007 -- The catastrophic rising numbers of people who hate their jobs, and are in financial misery. Are we working ourselves crazy? Stop the madness and find the four points of wellness. According to a research the University of Chicago released in 2006, only 47 percent of people are very satisfied with their jobs. These are people in the religious field followed by fire fighters and physical therapists.

This century is approaching a massive shift as more and more people are realizing how unsatisfied they truly are with their jobs. Both women and men are shifting from the office work to home based work where they control their own hours and are not working to land someone else’s pocket.

People can only beat their heads up against a wall for so long before something breaks. In Dr Ashour's case, herife was shattered when she realized the damages done by remaining in a job and career that ignited no passion in her, that is untill she joined the Fourpoint group. "No one should be made to think they are not able to leave a job title they are unhappy with because of money or any other reason for that matter."

One extremely powerful thing people can to do is start their own business. It doesn’t need to be a franchise where the investment is large and then turns into a gamble were they may win or lose big. Instead, start off small and target something you are passionate about and be sure to avoid greed as no good can come if the driving force is faulty.

This is where the Fourpoint group comes in as they have successfully empowered many who were either in a financial rut or just looking for a challenge in life that didn’t involve risking money or reputation or even their jobs. They are composed of a group of professional and health oriented people from variable industries whose common goal is to” improve the lives of those we touch by helping them achieve their goals”.

The Fourpoint group has helped many women and men find their centre and reach true balance in the “Fourpoints” of wellness; physical, personal, environmental and financial. Through this low cost, ethical, hype free, healthy and when done well, extremely profitable home based business many have been able to retire from the corporate world and lifestyle with a big smile.

What makes them special is the fact that they care, they make it their business to see people succeed and pioneer. Maternal, family, home and environmental safety and wellness is the ultimate, and to many a superior cause to work for. That is the mindset of people found when dealing with the Fourpoint group. Though it is an extremely fruitful home based business, greed is not in the equation and never will be.

The physical headquarters are in the city of Idaho in the U.S.A and the company has won multiple awards over the years. •In 2004 –Healthy workplace award •In 2003- AICI environmental excellence award •In 1991 –Blue chip enterprise award •Inc. 500 List of Fastest Growing Businesses- five consecutive times

These are a few examples of the awards and media recognition that have positively charged this business. They have been around since 1985 and are expected to live and grow even more over the coming years thanks to growing number of people who make decisions to better their lives and stop the modern day slavery.


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About The Fourpoint Group

A group of home business partners who believe in the concept of enhancing lives. We foster an environment of diversity, mutual respect, support and mentoring so that you may excel in your business. We strive to attract a membership that shares our core values of personal integrity, strong work ethics, and professionalism.


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