The Woman's Nightstand Companion, All That I Am, I Think!

Nashville, TN (PressExposure) April 07, 2009 -- Author Peter Britt's book (All That I Am, I Think!) is a book that will soon be known everywhere. If you are a woman you must read this book. Find out that there is a man out there who believes a woman should stand beside a man, not behind him, but be equal in all ways. And understands a woman's heart in a way you won't believe. Just recently I completed reading Peter Britt's book (All That I Am, I Think!) for the ELEVENTH (11th) time. Yes, really. This book is one every woman should have. This man understands a woman’s heart, her emotions and what a woman is better than any man I have ever know in my entire life. All through his book he makes mention of how deeply he loves his wife Sheri Lynn. He jokes a lot, too. My daughter thought I was losing it the first time I read his book because I was laughing so much at his comments. He has a wonderful sense of humor.

In his book he speaks of a woman’s worth and equal value in life and society. He speaks of how treating a woman with true respect is what every woman deserves and much more. As I stated above, he also speaks of his wife Sheri Lynn throughout the book with a deep love I could not find the words to describe. Sheri Lynn is a woman whose husband is truly in love with her and he is telling the world in his book, and in his music. Peter Britt is also a Nashville country artist, and an extremely talented one at that. I already asked him if he has an available brother. Ha ha ha. No such luck! My first read through of this book was amazing. I honestly felt like I was sitting having a conversation with Peter Britt, not merely reading a book. It is the most comfortable book I have ever read. Additionally, my 11th reading of it, it still felt exactly the same, like he was there talking to me. Peter Britt's book has been called (The Woman’s Nightstand Companion) and I agree.

Any woman who wants her husband or boyfriend to understand her better should get this book. You will find a wealth of wisdom in it, not only about women, but also about human emotions. Love, sex, passion, pain, life, death, pain, anger, dreams and so much more. I just can't say enough good things about it. You won't believe a man is capable of understanding a woman this well, but you will know after you read it. I absolutely recommend this book for every woman on the planet. You will love it, I certainly do. I would say Peter Britt's wife Sheri Lynn is one very lucky woman to say the least having a husband who professes his love to the world for his wife. (Sigh) Indeed she is lucky for what she has, but according to Peter Britt, he is the lucky one. What a wonderful mind this man has, too. Not to mention he is a total hottie! OMG is he ever. Get this book, e mail Peter Britt. He actually (talks) with his fans and friends. All That I Am, I Think! Will change the way you view your life. It truly is that filled with truth and honesty. It’s a winner, every word in it. Shelia Erickson

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