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Las Vegas, NV (PressExposure) January 23, 2012 -- Relying on outside resources from the community and military at the time of disaster is not always an option during a crisis situation. The first 72 hours are crucial for survival and important for being prepared during an emergency situation. "As government resources are also limited and can be slow to arrive, it is to your advantage to always be prepared," said Dan Annweiler, writer of the Urban Survival Blog.

Annweiler doesn't claim that the world will necessarily come to an end in 2012; however he does advocate households to prepare for the worst. "The fact of the matter is, after 9/11 anything is possible," he said in his Urban Survival Blog.

Other survival experts like Chris Grams, who runs an End of the World Series, agree: "We should prepare for a natural disaster by having a 72 hour survival kit and extra food. Knowing how to keep yourself and your family alive is just a good idea."

Annweiler promotes just that, a 72 hour survival kit that provides the minimum food and medical needs in the event of a situation outside of human control. He recommends a 72 hour four person survival kit that contains a large backpack, flashlight, 8 hour light sticks (torches), emergency blankets, ponchos, tube tents and air-tight sealed rations. Annweiler says this is just the minimum requirements for survival, outside of water and energy sources if those should become compromised.

"It's amazing what we take for granted until we enter into an emergency situation," he said. Annweiler recommends getting survival items and accessories from the Emergency Survival Store online. They carry "cliprays" which work as a flashlight and a cell phone charger for when people have a vehicle breakdown, and may find themselves in a remote area. Annweiler says, "You have to have more than just the minimum, you need to be prepared for every emergency situation."

Solar energy panels, pure water filters and year-round emergency food stores are also provided at the online retailer. Water is a required resource and one that most people take for granted because it comes out of their faucets. In an emergency situation those resources may not become available and people may turn to other sources in time of need. However, they must also use caution:

"You can't just drink the water from the river or pond as it's filled with bacteria that can cause diarrhea," said naturalist Mandy Henderson of Wisconsin. She said it's important to have a filtration device available and/or enough bottled water to survive for up to three weeks. When waiting for help to arrive, Henderson says one could survive without water for no more than three days.

Survival is essential for every situation, emergency or not. Those who are prepared like Annweiler and his readers are the ones who will survive in an emergency situation such as a natural disaster, civil unrest and the like. The question is: Will you survive?

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