The World of Internet is Expanding Rapidly like a Universe, Becoming Bigger Each Day, with 1.18 Billions Users Today

Subang, Selangor Malaysia (PressExposure) May 15, 2007 -- Surfing the internet is like floating in an inner space with infinite possibilities. When you start joining the stars in the constellation, it will chart the path to where you can go. But how do you tap into this cyber stream of consciousness?

Internet marketing expert Dechen Lau is one of those individuals who has spent years unraveling the secrets of this is complex universe.

More privileged are those who have attended his two-day internet marketing workshop.

Chockfull with information and success tools, his seminar lays down the map and gives one an express route to success by shaping one's online identity and web presence.

During his seminar from morning to evening,you will get to learn everything from the basic structure of a creating website, to adding automation, and other tools to generate traffic and improving conversion rate of visitors.

"There is more to the internet than just surfing, chatting, and receiving e-mails. You can turn on your passion and use the information to make money."

Dechen Lau said the e-commerce world is getting more advance these days with so many online resources available, where one can find your niche.

With billions of dollars transacted each year, how do you begin to tap into this wealth? His advice to beginners is to "learn from a mentor, someone who can show you how to make money instead of learning the hard way,visit his site

"It is important for a newbie to do a lot of research and survey, to understand the power of how to leverage on the internet before getting into marketing.

Using autopilot functions on their site enables them to leverage on the power of internet success without hiring more manpower.

An article on Networking Basics explains the power of the internet. Here is an excerpt:

"Now more than ever, moving vast amounts of information quickly across great distances is one of our most pressing needs,

"From small one-person entrepreneurial efforts to the largest of corporations, more and more professional people are discovering the only way to be successful in the 21 st century and beyond is to realize that technology is advancing at a break-neck pace and they must somehow keep up,

"Likewise, researchers from all corners of the earth find their work thrives in a networked environment. Immediate access to the work of colleagues and a "virtual'' library of millions of volumes and thousands of papers affords them the ability to incorporate a body of knowledge heretofore unthinkable,

"However the largest problem people face when first using a network is grasping all that's available. Even seasoned users find themselves surprised when they discover a new service or feature that they'd never known even existed.

Once acquainted with the terminology and sufficiently comfortable with making occasional mistakes, the learning process will drastically speed up.

For the beginner, Dechen's seminar will give you a bigger picture of what is possible on the internet and how you can explore it further, while for the advanced, it completes the picture of what you know.

Like they say, give a man a fish and he eats for a day teach him how to fish he eats for a lifetime.There is unlimited wealth of information and business pportunities one can leverage online.

Even having a fraction of that will take you a long way. If nothing else, at least it gives you a push in the right direction.With the knowledge gained, hopefully it will give one the necessary tools and skills to excel.

Dechen said there are a variety of websites one can develop - information, lead capture,e-commerce, hobbies and passion, and web portal.

He himself has created multiple online businesses from wedding portals, to websites on golf tips, dog lovers, VIP membership online, and web hosting.

His most successful website so far is [] - a one-stop resource centre of ultimate traffic tools - e-books and softwares with resell right you can use.

Launched in October, traffic to his site has doubled over the past six months with more than 100,000 visitors now. The sky is the limit where internet business is concerned. Using the tools and knowledge from his seminar, you too can start improving your ranking and attract targeted visitors to your website.

The internet is here to stay. The road to future of personal enrichment and business success is paved by bits and bytes.

Whatever knowledge you gain today will not be wasted. You too can launch a successful online business today.

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By Gerald Chuah

Writer Of Malaysia News Straits Time Press


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