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Redwood City, CA (PressExposure) April 02, 2012 -- The SteriShoe sanitizer is a great product for antifungal treatments or athlete's foot in shoes, or even for people concerned with shoe odor. Fungi and bacteria are known to grow in warm and moist environments. As each of your feet counts over 250,000 sweat glands, keeping them dry and bacteria free can be quite hard! This is where SteriShoe sanitizer comes in! It is so easy to use, extremely effective and it helps you get rid of several different kinds of microbes that cause various conditions, such as tinea pedis, odor or toenail fungus. So if you want your feet dry, clean and healthy, SteriShoe is the way to go!

The SteriShoe sanitizer can be effectively used for any type of shoe, and if you suffer from conditions such as athletes foot, you can use the product to clean the inside of your shoes and to destroy fungi or spores. Footwear in general is a common source of infection and, if not sanitized properly, there are high chances of re-occurrence. The SteriShoe sanitizer makes sure that doesn't happen by killing all the micro-organisms that come in contact with its UVC light -- no chemicals whatsoever are needed! The same thing happens with bacteria that causes shoe odor. The dark and warm environment from your shoes is propitious to bacteria, but the SteriShoe sanitizer takes care of that for you for good in just 45 minutes! It saves you times and money by allowing the oral and topical medication antifungal treatments to work better because you are stepping into a clean shoe.

The SteriShoe sanitizer is also incredibly efficient as part of the treatments for toenail fungus, which is a very severe fungal infection and a very hard to treat one. There are many risk factors involved in toenail fungus infection and there are many species of fungi that can cause it, which is why prevention is the best medicine.

If you suffer from diabetes, the SteriShoe sanitizer is a perfect product for you. It has been widely acknowledge that there is a high risk of foot amputation in people with diabetes because poor blood circulation leads to neuropathy (a loss of sensation) in the feet . If you cannot feel the pain of a blister, sore, infection, cut or foot ulcer it will likely not be treated. The SteriShoe sanitizer has been clinically proven to destroy all kinds of organisms that cause infections and stepping into a clean shoe is far better than stepping into a dirty shoe (it's why we wash our hands, right?).

The SteriShoe sanitizer is a safe product designed to keep your feet healthy and clean! As the UVC light is a very strong germicide, the SteriShoe sanitizer has many safety features so that you can use it without coming in contact with the light. It has a compression sensor that does not allow the UVC light to act unless the product is in the shoe, slightly compressed. If removed, the light automatically shuts off.

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