The Zipr 3 Travel Scooter is Perhaps One of the Most Underrated Scooters but it Still Outperforms Others in its Family

Hudson, FL (PressExposure) March 08, 2011 -- Top Mobility, the leader in online retail for scooters and scooter accessories is proud to announce their newest addition, the Zipr 3 Travel Scooter. This scooter is unique on two fronts: it is good for both indoor and outdoor use, and it comes with flat-free tires. Scooters are designed to either be used indoors or outdoors, not both. The flat free tires ensures that the user will not experience a flat when they are in their time of need.

Riding in grassy or sandy terrain can cause problems and hidden hazards are often abundant in these fields such as broken glass and burrs. Puncturing a tire on a scooter can be dangerous for the user because they are then forced to get out and change the tire or repair the flat. This can cause further harm and is not necessary. Flat free tires are often scuff free as well, perfect for indoor use. Scuffing the floor in a public arena, even the home, is embarrassing. Regardless of how fast the Zipr 3 Travel Scooter goes, it will never puncture or leave scuff marks.

The Zipr 3 Travel Scooter is a great scooter to travel with, too. "Travel scooters shouldn't be too large and heavy. That doesn't make it conducive to travel with. You want something light and easy to take with you - at the same time you want something trustworthy and durable, and something that can disassemble and reassemble with no issues," Richard Foldoe, president of Top Mobility says. The Zipr 3 Travel Scooter can travel easily and it can be used whether users take it with them on vacation or a long weekend. It can also be used at home or locally.

If users decide to take it to the store, there are front and back brackets for a basket to go so users can carry items in it without taking up space in the scooter. Both front and back can be used to the user's desire. Users can rest assured that they can make it to the store and back with the battery life.

On a fully charged battery users can go as far as 10 miles. This is plenty of distance for one to go wherever they find themselves. Being able to go longer distances is much safer for the user because they are not limited to what they can do or where they can go. All battery charging is done off board.

The Zipr 3 Travel Scooter has a ground clearance of 2.1 inches, good to clear many obstacles on the road. Even experiencing dips the scooter can avoid the bottom and avoid the subsequent problems as a result of that. Hitting dips and other hazards that are low to the ground can knock an individual off balance and tip the scooter. With a wider clearance the problem is then solved.

Top Mobility is the leading seller in travel scooters and they also sell accessories for scooters at a low price. When considering buying a Zipr 3 Travel Scooter, consider Top Mobility for their customer service and their low prices.

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Top Mobility provides scooters and other mobility equipment to individuals and health care facilities. They are also leading sellers in mobility accessories such as chair lifts, accessibility ramps, and walking aids.

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