Theory of Life (Joy, Success, Leadership and Oneness)- Illustrated by Sculptural, Symbolic Jewelry

New York, NY (PressExposure) March 14, 2015 -- An accidental artist, philosopher, speaker and writer, Jane A Gordon is fascinated by ideas which have been written about since writing began. More important, she wonders why we humans need to be constantly reminded of things we know will lead to what we most want. Why do we need to be reminded about gratitude, courage, leadership, kindness, that we are more the same than different, and more.

Jane describes her jewelry designs as "Outies" inspired by the beauty of the world and materials, and as "Innies" from her inner vision, manifestations of our deepest values, hidden in wearable art. Designed to be worn for beauty, and cherished for unexpected layers of discovery.

Asked to speak about her jewelry as a cruise ship seminar, Jane instead spoke of the inspiration behind her work, using the sculptural, symbolic designs as illustration for the ideas.

No one was more surprised than Jane that her seminars made people laugh, cry, hug and send letters to her home. Throughout her life Jane had written poetry to explain the confusing world to herself, so it seemed natural to use poetic metaphors in designing artful and unpredictable jewelry. She had not realized until this moment how hungry other people are for the same poetic explanations of life.

Speaking 62 times since 2009, so many people took notes and asked for copies that several versions of the ever changing seminar have been posted on YouTube to share with the world.

Jane has now translated the ideas to a tiny gem of a book: "Designs for Life. A Step by Step Guide to Happiness." (Illustrated by Jane A Gordon jewelry). Each page is written with words artistically chosen to give the reader bite size inspiration to carry with them, and to allow the reader to bring their own story, making the book an ongoing conversation between writer, reader and those in the readers life.

It's best understood by reading. Contact Jane for a digital version.

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