Thera-Diet Weight Loss Program Is Gaining Momentum As A Healthy Dieting Program

Mt. Pleasant, Texas (PressExposure) June 08, 2008 -- From its inception, the author has made it implicit that he has intended his book to benefit those individuals who are overweight however; he cautions that his manuscript is not in any form a diet. He asserts that he believes change to be from within ones mind and consequently, this technique will fruitfully transform the persons eating lifestyle.

Emphases is placed upon the idea that as a therapist he can readily identify with the tribulations facing those who have weight issues, for he too has walked in their shoes at one time. He proudly argues that he has lost extensive weight in a matter of only 3 months without the associated exercise program so commonly used. The author is quick to praise the process of positive mental fulfillment as a contributing factor towards his new healthy outlook. An interesting note which Mr. Hayes affirms is that “people do not consciously choose to become overweight; it is a consequence of unhealthy patternmatic self harming thinking, learned behavioral habits, and coping skill adaptation.” Now, that long drawn out characterization correlates to the fact that most people are instinctively accustomed towards weight gain. They have acquired unhealthy habits as well as inabilities to confront their eating desires. As stated by the author, he feels that transformations associated with these attitudes must first originate through modifications within the persons mind – the person must literally change their thinking.

The author points out that our own unhealthy behavior and static lifestyle contributes greatly to ones overweight ordeal. Many people justify their weight problem under the guise of genetics, instead of acknowledging the blame themselves. As he states in his book “we are creatures of habit and comfort”. He touches upon the negative thinking that most overweight individuals engross in, as well as the traditional “Pavlov” conditioned response exhibited towards eating. As the book progresses Mr. Hayes begins covering the transmutations people make within their lifestyles and various reasons for such changes.

He relates that once the decision has been established to become healthy, negativity from other people will impede ones positive goals. He describes several examples as to how one can address these issues without validating them. He briefly addresses the concept of Herd Mentality. In short, herd mentality is people doing what other people do. Humans in generally can be easily influences as proven by the authors reflected college experiment. He takes the position that these are the behaviors, which in order to be successful in changing ones attitude must be effectively eliminated. In addition, the elimination of these attitudes contributes positively towards losing those excess pounds. The writer suggests that you should lean more towards following your self then with group chasing. In the same sense, he highlights that since you possess the power to be unhappy you naturally also have the power to initiate any change in order to be happy.

He is a firm supporter of replacement behaviors. He encourages his clients to replace their negative type actions with healthier style responses. He mentions how people relate as to what they do not want in contrast to what they want. The book presents a Behavior Change Worksheet, which is a tool to use in your daily behavior modification process. You are encouraged to notate all pertinent information in an effort to achieve your goal.

His Management of Eating Behavioral Training Rules or MEBTR will assist you in modifying your eating behaviors while strengthening your awareness of the habitual eating patterns. You must strictly adhere to the rules, as they are set forth to successfully complete the program. In these rules, the author lists weekly “Need to do’s”, that aid in achieving long range weight objects. Upon achieving your set aspirations, changes will transpire in your life. He recounts several examples of how differently treated he was upon losing his excess pounds.

It is acknowledged that imagery is often used to assist in the weight lose programs. It can be a constructive implement to assist with changes occurring within a person’s life. The author feels it can be a valuable tool and fully supports its use. He contends that this persuasive program will severely revolutionize your life, starting with your mind. His book deals with your internal self and as such, it incorporates these lessons on the art of imagery, which embodies a powerful force capable of unlocking your self worth. Enclosed in the pages of the book are sample exercises using imagery as the basis.

Half way through the manuscript, the writer explains how people actually train their taste receptors to like specific types of foods. He clarifies how people have conditioned their taste for fat or sugary foods.

In the section entitled the good, the bad and the ugly of different diets the author thoughtfully summarizes many of the popular diets of today, supplying both their good points and bad. He follows this section with a short informative segment on selection of a good trainer. He reviews what traits to look for when selecting a trainer. In addition, for those unable to purchase the services of a professional trainer the book outlines some useful points for “Going it alone”. There is even a workout schedule included to aid you in your daily workout regiment.

In conclusion, the author believes that no one-weight lose program will work for everyone. However, he does believe that the change must start from within. As the writer explains nothing is easy in life; one has to strive for success. I would highly recommend reading this book weather you are overweight or not. The book presents some interesting concepts towards lifestyle modification.

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Thera-Diet is authored by Joseph D. Hayes MS,LPC,NCC.

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