There Are Countless Number Of Benefits In Using Touch Screen PCs

Albany, United Kingdom (PressExposure) February 09, 2009 -- “One of the main advantages of touch screen PC’s is that it saves a lot of desk space. The touch screen monitors can replace the traditional, bulky CRT (cathode ray tube). Moreover, as the touch screen monitors serves the purpose of both input and output device, the need of the peripherals like keyboard and mouse could be eliminated. To the added advantage the touch screen PC’s [] consume very much less power than the traditional PC’s. Statistics indicate that people around the globe saved 40-50% of cash spent in electricity bills by using the touch screen PC’s” says Amanda Wallace of

He added that, “The touch screen monitors are the hardware and hence it requires a software for its functionality. The touch screen software [] is the one which understands the gestures and the touch direction and displays the output. Apart from different touch screen software, there are different types of touch screen monitors too. There are touch screen monitors with resistive touch screens work by using conductive and a resistive metallic layers between a sheet of normal glass. An electrical current runs through the two layers and when a user touches the screen, interference in the electrical field is caused and the computer then calculates the coordinates. Resistive touch screens are quite durable although they can be scratched which can reduce their efficiency but overall they are the most versatile system.”

Speaking on the move, Amanda Wallace said “While surface acoustic wave technology used in some touch screens uses ultrasonic waves that pass over the panel. When the panel is touched, a portion of the wave is absorbed and this can be measured identifying the location of the touch. Unfortunately surface wave panels are easily damaged and contaminants on the surface will hinder its function but they offer a higher clarity than the resistive system making them better suited to laboratory work. Capacitive touch screen PCs that use an electrical charge that is soaked up when a user touches it rather than being resisted like a resistive system makes them more durable. Capacitive touch screens are therefore a mainstay of industrial computers because of their durability and their imperviousness to moisture, dirt and grease. Other touch screen technology including infra-red or strain gauge are used too but are less common.”

“Touch screen monitors [] are a viable alternative to the standard monitor, mouse and keyboard assembly adding better durability and resistance to contaminants whilst also forgoing the need for wires and peripherals making them ideal for industrial or manufacturing purposes.” Says Amanda.

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