There is a Lot of Buzz Surrounding the Invacare Lynx 3-Wheel Microportable Scooter as it is Fully Adjustable

Hudson, FL (PressExposure) March 10, 2011 -- Online retail leaders in mobility devices, Top Mobility proudly announce the sell of the Invacare Lynx 3-Wheel Microportable. Top Mobility offers this scooter because it has, "adjustable features that are attractive to just about anyone," says Richard Foldoe, founder of Top Mobility. The back seat of the scooter can adjust in height from 14 inches to 16 inches.

Those three heights help users come to an agreed-on height that is essential in fielding the best possible comfort. While riding, much of the strain will happen on the rear end and then move its way to the back. The seat is also extremely comfortable with a size width of 16.5 inches. "It's like riding a car. When you ride in a car, you have to adjust your seating to get comfortable every so often. Then you start to stretch your back once you're riding and you find it hard to find that comfort zone. This scooter gives people the flexibility to adjust their comfort level on the fly or even before they take off," says Richard.

Another aspect of comfort is the avid amounts of leg room. Unlike a car users don't have to sit a certain way so they can hit their brakes or gas pedal. With this scooter, the legroom allows the user to stretch out as much as possible while riding. Leg room in a car is always limited, no matter how tall or short a person is. It can be disheartening to ride in something so uncomfortable and it can lead to further health complications. Users come in all sizes and it is vital to be able to move around and stretch out when needed.

As far as the technical features offered, there are plenty. The battery can be charged on or off the scooter and charging time is far less than other scooters, especially three-wheel scooters. The battery charging time averages 2 hours for a full charge. Other three-wheel scooters average three-and-a-half hours. The Invacare Lynx 3-Wheel Microportable also comes equipped with reliable tires.

The tires are flat-free tires that are foam filled to create a natural barrier against items that can puncture. By virtue of this alone, the Lynx 3-Wheel Microportable can be used both indoors and outdoors on virtually any environment. The flat-free tires are a good feature for users who find it difficult to be mobile outside the scooter. It keeps them safe from having to go out and change or repair the flat. The flat free tires are also durable and help keep the scooter balanced.

On a full battery, a scooter can travel up to seven miles at a pace of 5 miles per hour. 5 miles per hour is one of the fastest for a three-wheel scooter. The Invacare Lynx 3-Wheel also comes with one of the industry's best warranties.

Each scooter comes complete with a 1 year limited warranty on frame, electronics, and transaxles, making it far more complex than other warranties offered by other brands. When considering a scooter, consider the Invacare Lynx 3-Wheel Microportable from Top Mobility where they sell scooters and scooter accessories at low prices.

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Top Mobility provides scooters and other mobility equipment to individuals and health care facilities. They are also leading sellers in mobility accessories such as chair lifts, accessibility ramps, and walking aids.

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