They Crashed the White House - So What?

Akron, OH (PressExposure) December 08, 2009 -- Michaele and Tareq Sulahi purposely said, "screw you" to security to attend the State Dinner for Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

I don't think it's funny. Our country should not think it is funny or trivial. In fact, I would be delighted to see this paparazzi seeking couple charged with a felony. Surely, if it is true they were "crashers", there must be a federal law somewhere that they violated. I don't think it is funny, clever, or trivial.

Is the Secret Service at fault? Absolutely. That does not absolve this couple of Intent to undermine security. NFL Super Bowl standout Plaxico Burress was sent to prison for eighteen months. He chose the wrong state to carry a concealed weapon in a nightclub. While he shot only himself in the thigh and harmed no one else, he is spending this football season in prison. Some critics said that the penalty was too stiff; he did not hurt anyone else. But he could have.

This couple with a morality compass far off center, did not hurt anyone critics might say. But they could have.

What is more important is that just like a person going to a night club, those attending a state dinner have the right to feel safe. This publicity seeking couple did not do any harm. But they could have.

In 1975 Lynette "Squeaky Fromme was given life imprisonment for her attempt to assassinate Gerald Ford. There was no cartridge in her weapon. She was found guilty under a law which made attempted presidential assassinations a federal crime. Did she do any harm? She could have.

I'm not suggesting life in prison, I am suggesting that they are punished. Being on Larry King or getting a reality show, is not punishment enough .

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