Things to Remember for Better File Folder Templates

East Arlington, TX (PressExposure) May 27, 2009 -- Are you making a file folder template for office folders printing? Well if you are, then take a moment and try to learn first a few important things about the proper way to design a file folder template. This guide should help you create file folder templates that are effective and easy to use.

Make everything adjustable

First, you have to make almost every part of your file folder template adjustable. The best templates are always the ones where you can change and customize a lot of elements. So as much as possible your templates should have different design layers for all the different elements of the file folder design.

Each of the major objects and images on the template should be easily adjustable and changeable. There must also be clear markers to where things can correctly be anchored so that a person can delete and replace a design element easily. The text as well should be adjustable by preserving the editable text layer of the design, avoiding text-images, which are not changeable. By making almost everything adjustable in your file folder template, people should have a great time customizing the template to their own ends without difficulty.

Minimize clutter

Secondly, you may want to minimize the number of adjustable design elements, if you can, to just a few important ones. File folder designs are not magazine covers or even catalog covers. They are containers basically for important information.

Therefore, it is always ideal to minimize the clutter of design elements and not take away too much attention over the content of the folders themselves. This means, even at the template level, you should already minimize the clutter of the file folders. This way, once customization begins, you will not have any problems with clutter, and you will have a simple but effective design to work with as the template.

Use built in fonts and features only

In addition, for a better functioning template, it is always recommended to only use the built in fonts and features of the software it comes from. This means you must not use a customized plug-in, font or other feature that is present in your version of the software but not in the others. These customized or unique features may not work on other computers, which ruin the whole point of having the template.

So use those in-house features only. If it is unavoidable to use those custom or unique features however, then do not forget to send in the plug-in files along with the file folder template to ensure that people can use the templates on any computer that is needed.

Attach only high-resolution images

Finally, as the last tip, always try to use high-resolution images and objects in your file folder template. As people use the template, it is inevitable that they may want to adjust certain things in it including the images and other design elements. If these elements are not in high resolution, there is a fair chance that they will become pixilated or are distorted as people move and resize the elements around.

Prevent this from happening by using high-resolution images early on in the template. By doing this, all the people using the template should be able to maintain the quality of the file folder design with no problems.

Therefore, those are the things you should remember when making your file folder template. From now on, you should have no problems with your templates, and you should easily use them for folder printing with ease.

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