ThinkMarketing Discusses Edinburgh Scientists Making A Malaria Breakthrough

Edinbiurgh, United Kingdom (PressExposure) January 11, 2012 -- Scientists from The University of Edinburgh created a vaccine for Malaria, which has now been further developed after a study revealed a fundamental protein in the blood of African children, who were naturally exposed to the infected mosquitoes that cause the disease. A source from ThinkMarketing has commented on this, saying, "The development that the researchers have achieved is astounding"

Dr David Cavanagh, Senior Lecturer for The Institute of Immunology and Infection Research at The University of Edinburgh told The Journal: "We identified this protein, which is found on the surface of blood stage malaria parasites, as a target of antibody responses in African children naturally exposed to malaria by their exposure to infected mosquitoes. Importantly, we observed that the children who had antibodies in their blood to this protein were less likely to become ill with malaria than children who lacked these specific antibodies. Antibodies to other parasite proteins did not correlate with this protection."

It is hoped that the RTS,S will combine with the new vaccine in order to fight the disease's ability to produce new strains of itself, each having to be dealt with by the human immune system differently. The study has already proved successful on animals and has subsequently applied for trials to be next carried out on humans. ThinkMarketing's Managing Director has described this discovery as inspiring, saying "Roughly 781,000 deaths were caused by a Mosquito bite in 2009 - If there is a vaccine out there that can hugely reduce this in years to come, it's thoroughly inspiring".

The bad news is that, unfortunately the vaccine could take up to 10 years to be developed. Human trials are extremely expensive and funding is difficult to achieve. Dr Cavanagh said: "RTS,S has been in development for over 20 years, so we are at the beginning of a very long road. It can take 10 years or more for a prototype vaccine to reach the people who need it." Dr Cavanagh also stressed that the vaccine would "need to be free, especially in Africa where the people who need it are living on one or two dollars per day. That requires BIG money from governments."

ThinkMarketing, based in Edinburgh, a motivated, dynamic company have expressed their thoughts, saying "The development of this study is outstanding, the researchers have made great progress and I believe they will continue to do so, the results are thrilling!"

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