ThinkMarketing Examines The Prospect Of Being Able To 'Grow' Meat Without Using An Animal

Edinbiurgh, United Kingdom (PressExposure) January 11, 2012 -- Mark Post - Head of the Department of Vascular Physiology at Maastricht University in the Netherlands has been given €300,000 to make a hamburger, in 1 year but without using meat that has come from an animal. As an alternative of getting meat from animals, he wants to grow steaks in lab conditions, straight from muscle stem cells. If proven to be successful, it will transform the way we produce food. "We want to turn meat production from a farming process to a factory process," he explained. ThinkMarketing, a company dedicated to development and progression, mentioned that they are very interested in seeing Professor Post's results, saying, "It sounds like such a worthwhile study and if successful will improve less damaging for the environment".

In the mid-20th Century, Dutchman Willem van Eelen - who was a promising medical student - dreamt of creating meat without killing animals, by using stem cells. Dr van Eelen chased his dream for decades, but made no noticeable progress. Then in 1999 he was granted a patent on the idea and slowly the world started to take notice. In 2005 Dr van Eelen persuaded the Dutch government to back the research into test tube meat for €2 million. The money soon ran out and the projects were scaled down. A source from ThinkMarketing has commented on this, saying "I had no idea that anything like this could ever be contemplated nevermind be researched and developed. Amazing!"

Professor Post thinks there has been a varied reception to the idea. He wants to show the public that it is safe and no different to eating meat from animals. "Some people think it's the same as genetically modified food, but it's not. We use exactly the same process that happens in nature." The Managing Director of ThinkMarketing has expressed his opinions on the study, stating "When I first read the title - 'Grow your own meat' I thought it sounded absurd, then I read that it was being funded with €300,000 I then realised there must be strong support for this research. Thinking of the future I think it could prove to be very, very exciting!"

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