Three Cliche Lines That Must Be Avoided in Ads Done Through Offset Printing

Los Angeles, California (PressExposure) April 25, 2008 -- Offset printing has been relied on by most companies when it comes to advertising using the print medium. It is trusted because of the authenticity of the colors that this type of printing can produce.

It may be old, but offset printing can still be trusted. The same is true with the materials that can be produced through this method. The ad tools like business cards, postcards, flyers, catalogs or brochures have also been around a long time.

But in order to give people something new each time, your best option is to avoid the advertising clichés. What are these? The overused tag lines that people have been hearing for quite a while. For such reason, the credibility wanes through the years. So as the advertiser, you need to find something new.

You need to recreate the lines to make them sound valuable all the time. Here are some samples.

1. This offer is valid for a limited time only. How about making it more concrete and telling the exact dates of that certain limited time? Why would a customer care if the offer would only be available for that promo period? What is at stake for them?

You need to make it appear more exciting as well as more intriguing to the buying public. What is the promo all about? If you are slashing down a big amount in the price of the products, say so. Make it the headline of the ad and not the limited time line.

With such great offer, people wouldn't care when the promo will end. They will go and act on their buying impulses in fear that others might buy the products that they want ahead of them.

2. This is the perfect gift. There are a lot of people who will see your ads. They differ in age, gender and even in races. How did you know that your product is the so-called perfect gift? Using the word perfect in the first place is risky.

Instead of using the word, you can aim to be more specific. For example, if you are selling watches, make the ad timely. If it's Valentines, target a specific audience, like moms. Tell the moms lines like, 'This Valentines, give yourself the gift of time.'

3. Avoid using the word introducing. You can introduce a new product in a lot of ways other than using the obvious word, introducing. This is plain and boring. This can also be easily toppled off by a very imaginative one-liner of your rival company.

If you are to present the public new line of products, be sure to make it sound new to avoid being dull. This is the least kind of perception that you want to get, especially when you are excited about your line.

Make that excitement show up in your ads. Use words to capture the feeling and to share that with your target market.

Adapt an old and trusted method like offset printing to come up with your ad tools. Make them effective by having the right elements. And words are powerful. So don't be caught with dull and often used and abused words in advertising. Remember that in order to keep the thrill going, you have to sound new all the time.

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