Three Year Anniversary Of The Only Independent Guide To Spy Gadgets On The Web

Montreal, Quebec Canada (PressExposure) October 09, 2007 -- The only website with the most comprehensive and informative guide to spy gadgets is celebrating their 3rd anniversary. Dedicated to bringing readers the truth about numerous spy gadgets, delves deep into the spy gadget world to bring readers the facts, tips, and valuable information they need. For 3 years, people interested in spy cams, listening devices,bug detectors and more have learned what to look for and what to shy away from by reading the spy equipment guide.

This website, takes pride in making recommendations for spy products that are good. They never recommend a product that isn't up to par, no matter what popular company is making it. Plain and simple, if the people at Spy Equipment Buying Guide think that the product is worthless, they will not recommend it to the public, no matter what. They are an unbiased website which is dedicated to bringing real facts and reviews of products to light. This is extremely valuable for consumers who are in the market for spy gadgets and products. They have a great chance to check out what products are hot, and which ones are not!

"There is a real importance and pride in being in the public's corner. Spy gadgets can be extremely useful for many different things, but purchasing less than good equipment is something a lot of consumers have done unknowingly," says Olivier Pilon, founder of the Spy Equipment Guide. "Our biggest commitment is to the public, and showing them the products that are truly worth investing in. This is something that we take pride in now, going into our fourth year, and something that will continue for as long as our company exists."

In addition to the valuable information provided by, the public is also able to get a real life glimpse into how actual spies operate and communicate. From short wave radio frequencies to coded messages, it's interesting and stimulating to know how spies operate. This website brings this kind of information to educate consumers and show truth.

One of the most popular and interesting products that brings to light is the 'Evidence Eliminator.' This is a product which can completely clean up a

computer's hard drive of all files, so that no agency, individual or other can access past files or internet activity. They also offer information on the Comsec C3i-II, which is a patented and valuable device that detects telephone wire tapping devices. This is a valuable product for many people, and the Spy Equipment Guide has all of the information on it.

There are many other kinds of spy equipment, spy gear and surveillance equipment to learn about on The work and research put into the information is unmatched. This is mainly because the people at this website are so devoted to the public and they have a sense of pride in bringing the truth about these products to the pages of their site.

For their 3rd anniversary, wants to welcome the public to their website to learn about spy equipment devices, and gain some valuable information. As the only

website that brings information to this extent and of this nature, they are proud to be a favorite among those interested in the spy gadget world.

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