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Greensburg, IN (PressExposure) February 09, 2009 -- The talks are there, and researchers and observers are writing about it; chocolates they say have aphrodisiac properties. And that the consumption of chocolates will remove the inhibitions felt by the person and that would ignite the romance for the night. With these kinds of talks about fine and luxury chocolates, it is no wonder that a number of people will buy luxury chocolate online. The idea that there is a link between romancing and chocolates date back to the belief of the Aztecs. They were the first ones who drew the link between the cocoa beans and sexual desire. It was said that their emperor was said to consume these products in order to fire him up for romantic encounters.

This is the common belief back then, and somehow holds up to now. The question is; do chocolates really reduce the inhibitions and allow the person to be in love with his/her partner? To answer this age-old question, our scientists of today have conducted some researches to validate this claim and belief. According to these scholars and researchers, the aphrodisiac qualities of the chocolates are due to two chemicals. These chemicals are the tryptophan and the 'phenylethylamine'. The first one is considered as the building block of serotonin and this substance is known to be involved in sexual arousal. The other one is considered as a stimulant that is related to ampethamine and this is released in the brain the moment a person falls in love.

And here is the thing, these researchers and scientists agree that these are too small in terms of concentration and that they may have small effects on the desire of the person. There are a number more of studies that have been conducted all judging if these chocolates will have an effect on the romantic actions and the desires of the persons consuming it. And most of these studies and researches all point to the fact that these chocolates do really contain these substances that will have a say on the desires and the feelings of the eater. But these same studies are quick to point out that these are in small quantities and may not have a strong effect on a person's desires. This doesn't matter though; people still see that these chocolates are their most potent help in order to make a so-so night more romantic and even intense. And if you are the one of those who wants to have help in making the Valentine's night extra-special, then it is a good suggestion to buy luxury chocolate online.

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